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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.22 aired 5 August 2022

Fun fact, women make up like 50% of the population (49.5% I think to be slightly more precise). But a study done last year reviewing the number of female artists in popular music showed that women made up only 23.3% of the artists on the Billboard Hot 100 end of year chart. There's a even tinier number of women working as sound engineers and producers. You don't need me to tell you that this sucks, and I really hope you don't need me to tell you that this isn't because women aren't amazing artists, sound engineers, producers etc... because they are!

You're going to hear in this week's episode of EMA a snap shot of incredible Australian women doing their thing. I would really love for you to support these artists by giving them a follow, going to their gigs etc as well as supporting women in your life who may want to get involved in music (or any male dominated industry for that matter). This week I will include a little bit about each artist featured in the show.

The show opens with Queensland's DÉ SAINT. That should just stop at one word: QUEEN. Her aptly named track 'Girl DJ' opens the show. She's got a BUNCH of tour dates coming up, check out her socials and get your butt to one of her gigs. In fact, get two for one at Thredbo as DÉ SAINT will be opening for the next artist -

KLP (Kristy Lee Peters) is a Sydney-based 2 x ARIA nominated performer, songwriter, DJ, producer, broadcaster and an in-demand international collaborator. 'Can’t Handle (Dub Mix)' featured in the show and her Can't Handle Tour kicked off on July 2. KLP and DÉ SAINT will melt the snow in Thredbo for sure, what a pair!

From Melbourne, Pretty Girl is an amazing producer, dj and vocalist. Her track 'Arc' featured in episode 1 of EMA and she's back this week with the gorgeous 'Sun Phase'.

Rosie Kate has been in the Aussie House & Techno scene since 2016. She's played at festivals like Splendour in the Grass, Groovin' The Moo, St. Jerome's Laneway and supported Dom Dolla at the Fortitude Music Hall. Her collab with partner Gabe Ruth 'Make Your Move' features in this week's ep.

Rachel May (who also DJs under the moniker DJ Minx) is another Melbourne superstar. 'Hollow feat Alverie & Rachel May (TAYA. Remix)' is the deep and gorgeous groover featured on the show.

From my own home down of Brisbane, Tara Bloom is a House and Techno goddess, and her remix of Cat Connors and J. Worra's 'YOU feat. Cat Connors' SLAPS. Her remix of DÉ SAINT's 'Zephyr' is also amazing and featured on episode 4 of EMA because, well, I just love 'em. Just quickly, J. Worra is also another brilliant female artis from the U.S.

Perth's Tina Says and Queensland/Melbourne based Taleena are both kicking goals when it comes to music. Tina Says supported Duke Dumont on tour in July as well as playing at Splendour in the Grass and Taleena's releasing heat under Club Sweat. The Taleena Extended Remix of Tina Says track 'Elevate' is in this week's ep.

I have talked about the fabulousness of Lena AVAXA in episode 5 of EMA. The first time I heard 'Androgen', the track featured in this week's episode was at the Walls Art Space on the Gold Coast which is sadly no longer. She was rocking her keytar and I was blown away.

Listen to episode 22 of Electronic Music Australia here or on SoundCloud

Brisbane's falköne is doing amazing things in the halftime and neuro scene. She has a degree in Medical Imaging and she likes cats so all things considered she's basically a superwoman. Her track 'Relative Motion' is featured this week.

From the Central Coast, New South Wales Ninajirachi is making pop and club music that has a really unique sound. Her track 'Dracodraco (Original Mix)' featured this week.

I swear I didn't mean to have so many Queenslanders in the show, but here's another Brisbane artist. Macey Cherry is a Bass Producer and DJ. Have a listen to her track 'Stage 4' as we come towards the end of the show.

'Sail' from the Gold Coast's Dalemma was basically my anthem for 2021. Dalemma dabbles in many many styles which I love, including, tech house, breaks, house, techno and bass music.

Another artist I've featured on the show before (episode 1 and episode 6) is Purient (Kate Durman).

Poppy/dancy/dreamy/delighful, I love what she's doing. Her track in this week's episode is called 'WBWU'.

I know that was a lot to get through but I hope it wasn't TL/DR and I really hope that you have discovered some female artists you maybe hadn't heard of before and that this episode of EMA has got you wanting to delve a bit deeper when it comes to finding music and supporting female artists!

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Friday night (August 12) at midnight AEST (Friday night / Saturday morning!) . You can listen to this from wherever you are in the world, so get amongst it! All past episodes, including this one are on SoundCloud and Mixcloud and (fingers crossed) YouTube. Be sure to follow the EMA Spotify playlist, so you can listen to your favourite Aussie artists and songs all the time.

Feedback, questions, comments, track suggestions/submissions? Get in touch with me via the EMA socials or message me here.

Yeah the girls!

Ky Mi x

  1. De Saint – Girl DJ (Extended Mix)

  2. KLP – Can’t Handle (Dub Mix)

  3. Pretty Girl - Sun Phase (Original Mix)

  4. Gabe Ruth ft Rosie Kate – Make Your Move (Radio Edit)

  5. The Journey, Rachel May feat Alverie- Hollow (TAYA. Remix)

  6. Cat Connors, J. Wora – YOU feat. Cat Connors (Tara Bloom Remix)

  7. Tina Says – Elevate (Taleena Extended Remix)

  8. AVAXA – Androgen

  9. falköne – Relative Motion

  10. Ninajirachi – Dracodraco (Original Mix)

  11. Macey Cherry – Stage 4

  12. Dalemma – Sail

  13. Purient – WBWU

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