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Album Listening Party #2: Tom Baker's 'Ruled By The Machines'

Updated: May 28

Electronic Music Australia ep.61 aired 06 June 2023

When this album popped into my inbox, courtesy of Ziggy Brámich from Stone Seed, it was a no-brainer to clear the schedule and dive headfirst into our second album listening party!

Those familiar with the Aussie bush doof circuit would no doubt be familiar with Tom Baker and his unmistakable sound. A distinctive blend of growling psychedelic techno and beautifully intricate soundscapes, he injects innovation and creativity into musical storytelling.

Having graced the stages Australian festivals such as Tanglewood, Wild Horses, Bohemian Beat Freaks, Earth Frequency, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, and Elements, and international festivals Fusion Festival (Germany), Groove & Bass (Canada), as well as tearing through the clubs of Melbourne, Tom has become a staple in the local scene. In 2022, he embarked on a European tour with the Sixthsense crew, leaving his mark internationally.

'Ruled By The Machines' takes listeners on an incredible journey exploring the sounds of a turbulent dystopian future, drawing influences from cult-classic movies. The album has a cinematic feel, with almalgamation of mechanical elements and organic flowing textures. The entire album spans across genres with bush tech, progressive house, minimal techno and ambient elements coming together seamlessly. Glitchy, ethereal, primative, spacey, with computer sounding bleeps and bloops, 'Ruled By The Machines' had me dreaming of late nights on the dusty doof dancefloor shaking my doof stick, beautifully juxtaposed with moments of deep introspection.

Listen to episode 61 of Electronic Music Australia on SoundCloud, YouTube, Rumble or Apple Podcasts

I hope you enjoyed Tom Baker's 'Ruled By The Machines' as much as I did. You stream or buy yourself a copy via this link. And that concludes our second album listening party! Is there a new Aussie electronic album we need to listen to? Let me know via the EMA socials or contact page.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night on 105.7 Radio Metro from 11pm AEST for the June guest mix with Melbourne techno producer Charles Oliver, it's going to be mind blowing!

Dance on, dreamers,

Ky Mi x


1. Would You Like To Talk To A Human

2. Ruled by the Machines

3. Clockwork

4. Act Natural

5. Dr. Machu

6. Madeleine

7. Ruled by the Machines – Reprise

8. Train to Yakkyn

9. Natural Intelligence

10. Breathwork


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