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Boo Seeka Takes New Album “Midnight Highlight” On Tour

The only thing that Boo Seeka’s new album “Midnight Highlight” leaves you wanting is the chance to immerse yourself in a room filled with its high-vibe, euphoric feel. Fortunately for fans across the country, we’ll be able to do so very soon, with Boo Seeka embarking on an extensive national tour throughout February and March this year. 

Boo Seeka tour flyer
Boo Seeka hits the road on a nation wide tour. Image:Supplied

The electro pop singer/songwriter hailing from Newcastle has created a stunning third record that no doubt deserves to be taken on the road. “Midnight Highlight” is a lustrous dreamscape of smooth beats, summery synths and soulful vocals. A refreshing fluidity runs through the project like a sea breeze, bringing visions of easy living and encapsulating the essence of Aussie electro pop. The album upholds Boo’s knack for expansive and euphoric instrumentation, while also demonstrating an exciting new depth to his work. He has stated, 

Midnight Highlight” means that a new chapter has been written for me personally.” 

Boo’s insightful lyricism invites us into this new chapter, creating an honest and inspiring exploration of love, growth and the search for clarity. Safe to say that Boo Seeka’s upcoming tour will showcase a newly uncovered level of his constantly evolving artistic expression.

Ben “Boo” Gumbleton - A.K.A Boo Seeka’s driving force - has had ample opportunity to nurture his talent for performing live. He has countless shows under his belt, including three sold out headline runs and appearances at festivals such as Splendour In The Grass, Beyond The Valley and Coachella (alongside Aussie icon Hayden James.) Like any good artist, Boo Seeka is always striving for growth. He says, “We always want to get better at our craft every time we go out on the road so that people can expect a better show than the last.” 

Boo Seeka standing in a  green hat and shirt
Boo Seeka. Image: Ned Kelly

Playing live is Gumbleton’s way of feeling “grounded and reset,” which undoubtedly comes through in his performances. The energy that fills the room at a Boo Seeka gig is the kind of vibe that can only come from an artist adhering to a completely unique and unfiltered expression of their work. On stage, Gumbleton allows himself to be completely overtaken by his art, creating a transcendent experience for his audience that we can’t wait to be a part of. Boo Seeka’s upcoming tour will spread immersive, feel-good energy all over the country. It will be a celebration of artistic evolution and authenticity that we, as music lovers, can all rally behind. So go seek out your tickets, and we’ll see you there.

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