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Brisbane's Newest Techno Label Domino FX Hits the Scene with Compilation Album

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Promising ominous sounds with an underground backdrop, Domino FX aims to support local talent. Album out now.

The warm and sunny city of Brisbane may not seem like a natural hub for underground techno. But bubbling away beneath the surface, a small but passionate techno scene is growing, with new label, Domino FX promising to deliver ominous and high-definition industrial excursions to the front.

We spoke with label head Tony Quinn, who started Domino FX with the aim of supporting local artists in response to the vast array of talent both in Queensland and the rest of Australia. "Domino FX is set to deliver compositions that are characterised as stripped-back and have a hypnotic powerful energy, rather than the focus being around big drops or commercial value". says Quinn. Domino FX brings dark melancholic soundscapes to listeners with the goal of putting the them in touch with their imagination. "We don't want our audience overwhelmed by complexity, we want you to lose yourself in the music and let your mind create the atmosphere inspired by the music. Music is just way more fun when you let your imagination paint the picture."

"Chapter One" out now. Video supplied by Domino FX.

Domino FX's first techno compilation album, the aptly named "Chapter One" which includes eight original tunes by Sunshine State-based producers, conveys that stripped-back sound while maintaining a powerful atmosphere. Artists like UK born producer and Rabbits On Saturn and Brisbane's Jody6 contribute to the experimental vibes of the release, with plenty of squelchy filtered sounds, quirky fx and spacey atmospherics.

Chapter One is available now via Beatport, Spotify and YouTube.

Connect with Domino FX to submit demos and stay up to date with album releases and events:



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