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EP Review: Damo Cox 'Wub Me'

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Our curiosity sufficiently piqued by the EP title 'Wub Me' from Gold Coast producer Damo Cox, we thought we had better check it out.

The four track EP, released under Cox's own label Sorta Kinda Music, and mixed and mastered by Cox, who is a degree-qualified audio engieeer includes tracks, 'Get With Me' and 'Deep Wubs', along with Dub and Radio edits of 'Get With Me'.

Man wearing Sorta Kinda Music tee shirt
Damo Cox turns up the wubs in his latest EP. Image: Chris Bennie

Get With Me' is an infectious and catchy tech house track, undoubtably destined to be a favorite on dancefloors, thanks to its earwormy hook and a clever touch of nostalgia. While there have been many who have ventured into the world of 90's remixes, Damo Cox proves that sampling can be done right. The incorporation of the sample is skillful and well-executed, adding a layer of familiarity that resonates with listeners while giving the track a fresh and contemporary twist.

The Dub edit of "Get With Me" is a welcome addition to the EP, offering an alternative for those who prefer a more instrumental experience on the dancefloor or mix. The absence of the vocal sample doesn't diminish the track's earwormy nature, making it just as infectious and dancefloor-friendly.

'Get With Me' has an upbeat and energetic vibe that is undeniably fun, making it a must-have inclusion in any DJ set or dance playlist. The seamless combination of groovy beats, catchy hooks, and that special 90's touch makes "Get With Me" is likely to make it the most popular track on the EP but for us 'Deep Wubs' is the standout track on the EP.

If you have followed Cox's previous work, 'Deep Wubs'' is something of a departure from his signature sound, showing his growth and evolution as an artist. With 'Deep Wubs' he dips a toe into slightly deeper territory, while maintaining enough momentum to hold a dancefloor although it is the less 'club' feeling track. There may also be a nod to the XX's 'Intro' in 'Deep Wubs'.

Overall, the "Wub Me" EP is an exciting release, as it feels like we are strapped in and along for the ride with Cox as he embarks on a creative journey while he continues to develop his sound with an innovative approach to music production. It is evident that he has meticulously crafted each track with passion and precision, resulting in an EP that offers something fresh and interesting.

You can catch Damo Cox on August 5 for the 'Wub Me' EP Launch party on the Gold Coast. Tickets and more info here.

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