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Frisson Records Announces New Techno Compilation Album ‘Alchemists of Tyranny’ OUT NOW

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

With 11 dark and powerful techno tracks from Australian bush techno artists, the latest offering from the Brisbane independent record label takes the listener deep into the underground soundscape to a point of no return.

Unafraid to explore the darkest sub-genres and explore creativity, Frisson Records has collaborated with Phillip Island duo Andertwin for this latest release. With a clear vision in mind, the team set out to hand select artists to produce original techno tracks that will take the listener from the uplifting and good-natured atmosphere of the day and into the ghoulish sounds of the night.

'Alchemists of Tyrrany' is out now. Image: Frisson Records

Jack Smart (Melbourne), Jody 6 (Brisbane) who recently played at Festival X and Bohemian Beatfreaks, and a slew of Aussie bush techno weapons add seriously heavy weight to this release. In it's entirety. the compilation feels like a set, transporting you back to the bush doof dance floor with every twisted sound.

With haunting vocals, perverted basslines, and depraved melodies, each track reflects the artists individual flex while complimenting the next and bringing this release together as a cohesive whole, 'Alchemists of Tyranny' is an eclectic elemental journey ready for the mainstage.

Track List

  1. Backroom (Original Mix) – Joonmack

  2. Bush Walk (Original Mix) – DARDI

  3. Kilcoy IGA (Original Mix) – Tomchilla

  4. Artificial Voices (Original Mix) – Jack Smart

  5. Shut Up Josh (Original Mix) – Haber

  6. The Cross Hangs Upside Down (Original Mix) – Andertwin

  7. Filth in the Forest (Original Mix) – Jody 6

  8. Mothership (Original Mix) – Dark Mode

  9. Reconcile (Original Mix) – Paul The Horse

  10. Mycotoxin (Original Mi) – Automata.

  11. Morbid Twist (Behind the Mask of Personality) – Anyer Quantum


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