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Full Throttle

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.41 aired 10 January 2023

Does anyone else feel like 2023 is already going a bit too quick? It's been full throttle over here, with a tonne of music coming through for the show, events, and special guests! Exciting stuff!

There was so much music I had to squeeze in the show this week with a great representation of Aussie DNB in the mix too. The show kicks off with Gold Coast local Sammy Smooth with the Needs No Sleep Remix of his track 'Last Night'. Sam is just 17 years old and I've been keenly watching his progression as an artist since coming across him a couple of years ago. 'Last Night' was his submission to Metro’s Making Music 2022 Production Comp which of course, he won!

Kid Kenobi is continuing following a very successful 2022 with his latest, 'Everybody Still Needs Acid' released under his Klub Kids label. And everyone does need 808 Acid but probably not LSD in case that's what you were thinking.

FREE DOWNLOADS - yes, you heard me. Two of the tracks from this week's episode are available as free downloads. Big ups to Formidian for his track 'Chaos State' and Operon and Chris Munky for their remix of Friendless & Janna Beth's 'Drip'. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of these tracks and make sure you show the artists some love on their Soundclouds by liking, commenting and sharing the tracks.

I love ending a show with something a little more downtempo and Subset is back with a new EP 'Call of the Whipbird' which comes out tomorrow 13 January via Dubmission Records. Add this amazing musical journey to your collection by getting a copy here. I closed off the show with his track 'Journey To Tayrona' but I can tell you it was really hard to pick just one song from that EP to include in the show! Maybe we need an all Dub episode of EMA?

Listen to EMA episode 41 here

Last weekend had me off to Cunning Stunts first 'Nudge Nudge Wink Wink' event for the year. What a joyous event full of smiles, dancing and just pure happiness. The next event is on Saturday, 4 February. Check for updates here, and make sure you purchase tickets because the last one completely sold out!

Looking cheeky at Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, a great time was had by all!

I'll be back on the airwaves on EMA next Tuesday, 17 January 2023 on Radio Metro which you can stream online from anywhere in the world.

Keep hustling!

Ky Mi x



  1. Sammy Smooth – Last Night (Needs No Sleep Remix)

  2. Snakehips & Tinashe – Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight (set Mo Extended Remix)

  3. Flash – The Rhythm

  4. The Aston Shuffle – Your Love

  5. Kid Kenobi – Everybody Still Needs Acid (Original)

  6. Terrence & Phillip – Mollify

  7. Skitzoid – Quake (Original Mix)

  8. Rabbits On Saturn – Brain Glitch

  9. Formidian – Chaos State

  10. Friendless & Jannah Beth - Drip (Chris Munky X Operon Remix)

  11. Excursions – Winter Sun

  12. Subset – Journey To Tayrona


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