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Introducing Andrew Duffield and Club Ready DJ School

Electronic Music Australia ep.65 aired 11 July 2023

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I often get asked where to learn to DJ. Which is funny because I'm not a DJ and really had no idea. Committed to answering the question, I recently embarked on a mission to find out: Where does one learn to DJ? Talking to DJ friends, those with a few years (okay, decades) under their belts were perhaps unsurprisingly self taught. Although admirable, I realise that in our time poor lives these days the often lengthy process of teaching ourselves a new skill entirely on our own isn't always a practical option. The conversations continued until an established DJ friend told me about Andrew Duffield and his Club Ready DJ School. In the spirit of Electronic Music Australia, finding a an amazing local teacher was a priority. I decided to meet with Andrew personally, andI found a genuine and warm individual who would put any new students' nerves at ease.

But what about his credentials? Andrew Duffield has over 15 years experience as a DJ and club promoter. Andrew's expertise and passion for music have made him a trusted figure in the industry, and he has been helping aspiring DJ's for over five years. Through his flagship online course, the "Club Ready DJ Course," Andrew has successfully guided thousands of students, both locally and internationally, on their journey to becoming skilled DJs.

Meet your new DJing guru, Andrew Duffield

The "Club Ready DJ Course" is a guided, step-by-step 4-week program that is designed give you both the technical skills and importantly, confidence behind the decks. Andrew's tried and tested teaching methods ensures that you progress steadily and develop the ability to mix any genre empowering you to be, as the name states "club ready". You also get personalised support from Andrew and his team along the way. Another thing I thought was compelling about the Club Ready DJ course, is that it caters from people who have never DJed at all, right though to helping experienced DJ's further enhance their skills. Inherently lazy as I am, this concept of a "one stop shop" was a feature that I thought was excellent. As your skills advance, Andrew's courses progress with you.

To sample Andrew's content and teaching style, he has invited Electronic Music Australia listeners and readers the opportunity to sign up for his free mini course. I'm super excited to be able to share this with you and I hope that this helps those of you who are interested in learning how to DJ, or enhancing your current DJ skills. Of course, if you are keen to dive right in, you can also enroll in the full "Club Ready DJ Course" whenever you like.

This exciting partnership is another way that EMA aims to create connections and collaborate with amazing people in electronic music, and I do hope that you enjoy Andrew''s course. I would also love to hear about your experiences doing the course.

Listen to episode 65 here, on YouTube, Rumble and Apple Podcasts.

Now to the task at hand, episode 65 of Electronic Music Australia, this is defnitely another eclectic collection of tracks. Brisbane's Joey Daye has released a follow up single to his amazing single 'Yerra (Soar)' called 'Hit List'. Joey Daye isn't afraid to experiement with different genres, and this is something that I really love about his work. 'Hit List' is a Drum and Bass offering, the kind that you can play for your Gran and she might actually like it. So it has that sound that will hopefully appeal to a mainstream audience and garner this talented artist wider recognition.

A few great EP's to put on your wishlist include LAB TEST 2: CLINICAL TRIALS compilation released by Brisbane independent label COVET DnB. A little teaser from that EP in this episode of EMA came from Australian born, UK based Transforma. Called 'Domino Effect', it's not for the feint of heart, but if you love your DnB nice and heavy, add this EP to your playlists or grab yourself a copy via the link above.

In honor of his musical legacy, a heartfelt EP of remixes has been released by Frisson Records of the late Tomchilla's "Are You My Friend." This EP features an array of talented artists including Scott Stevenson, Andertwin, Dark Mode, Delix and Venus Vision who have skillfully reimagined Tomchilla's original track with their own individual flavour. Each remix pays homage to Tomchilla's unique style while infusing fresh perspectives and innovative sounds. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact he had on the music industry and the enduring friendships he cultivated through his art. "Are You My Friend: Remixes" stands as testament to Tomchilla's creativity and the enduring power of his music, ensuring that his spirit lives on always. The Venus Vision remix features in this episode.

Finally, Lennox Head local Jamie Lowe has released a three-track EP under Sorta Kinda Music this week. Check out our review of the EP here. Skitzoid's Jungle Remix of 'Pills' from this EP features in the mix. If you are liking any or all of these EP's, don't forget to add them to your playlists, give them a share, or even buy them to help support Aussie artists and independent labels. If you're looking for the name of another track off this episode, check out the full playlist for episode 65 at the bottom of this post. If you are enjoying the shows and blog - give them a share with your music loving networks!

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night at 11pm AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro.



1. Joey Daye – Hit List

3. Hermitude – Celebrate

4. Transforma - Domino Effect

5. Tomchilla – Are You My Friend (Venus Vision Remix)

6. Hiroshi Diasuki – I’ll Be Bach (DJ Fuel Extended Remix)

7. Tom Budin & Castion – Around Me (Radio Edit)

8. Hey It’s Liron – Left, Right (Extended Mix)

9. Tseba – See Your Face (feat. Electric Fields)

10. Alex Preston – Do You Like It Funky (Radio Edit)

11. Hayden James & Bob Moses – Do You Want Me

12. Xani – Astrojet

13. Fran – Hummingbird

14. Sangria – Emptiness


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