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Melbourne Producer LJ Mase shares emotive new single “Take Our Time” and an exclusive EMA guest mix

Melbourne producer LJ MASE has more than just Ableton in his figurative tool belt. He has been running his own business in the construction industry for a decade. In a relatively short time in music production, LJ MASE has made a big impact in the melodic/ progressive house scene, with his 2022 release “By Your Side” amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify, and support from Sultan Shepard, Vintage & Morelli and Lane 8. He has over 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners and has been regularly featured on Spotify editorial playlists. We sat down with LJ MASE to talk about his new single “Take Our Time”, music production and more.

What inspired you to become a Producer?

As a younger guy in my late teens and early 20’s I loved to DJ and played in a few clubs around town - I also just loved electronic music in general. I travelled for a few years and while overseas in London I learnt music production and fell in love with it. When I returned home, I started my own business as well as a family which meant that music was put to the side for several years and I was only doing it here and there when I had time. Once I started to get back into music again more often, I was bitten hard! Now I’ve been all in for about four years.

Do you play any instruments?

I’m currently trying to learn the piano but I’ve got a fair bit of work to go on this! I’m not very good yet but I can play some of my own music now which is cool.

How would you describe the LJ MASE sound?

I make music that is chill but still danceable. I think that's maybe because I'm getting older! I’ve always liked progressive house sounds and I also love acoustic music, so I try to connect the two styles. I feel this gives my music a very emotional vibe. I like to write in major keys, so it feels uplifting.

Listen to the LJ MASE guest mix here, on YouTube, Rumble or Apple Podcasts.

Is there a story behind your new track, “Take Our Time”?

My computer was broken so I had to take it to be repaired. It was going to take three weeks! In that time, I thought ‘what I can do to keep working on my music?’ I spent the entire three weeks researching everything about my favourite artists and how they make music. I looked at the keys, the chords they use, the notes the use in the scale – everything! During this process I taught myself a lot about the music I want to create, and this is the first track that I’m releasing since that happened. When the track was signed to one of my favourite labels This Never Happened, I felt really proud to have been able to achieve that.

The vocals on the track are amazing, can you tell us about those?

I knew I wanted special vocals for this track, so after I made it, I reached out to Tailor and asked if he was interested in doing the vocals. Luckily, he loved the track, and we were able to work together on it. He absolutely nailed the vocals; I couldn't have asked for anything better to be honest. He has an amazing story telling talent.

What’s next for LJ MASE?

I have two tracks I’ve collaborated with American duo Modera on which is coming out on their debut album. These are really nice too and I’m really excited for these to be released. Modera are great guys and it’s been really fun working on this with them. I also have a release coming soon on Sekora another label I love releasing with. That track is with Ella X who I’ve done a few tracks with now, more notably my previous release with her was my track 'Hush Now' which has been another fan favourite. So, I’ve been pretty busy this year! I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an EP so stay tuned for that.

What can listeners expect from your guest mix?

It’s mainly my own music and few tracks I’m inspired by at the moment. There’s are a few unreleased tracks I’ve mine I’ve snuck in there also which I’m excited to start sharing and obviously, my new single 'Take our time' is the guest mix as well.

“Take Our Time” is out now via This Never Happened record label. Buy or stream here. Stay in touch with LJ Mase on Facebook or Instagram.


LJ Mase Guest Mix Playlist

  1. LJ MASE - ID

  2. Matrick - Yours - LJ MASE remix

  3. LAR Ft. 88 Birds - Bullet proof

  4. Ben bohmer - Beyond Beliefs

  5. Sultan Shepard Ft Tishmal - Losing ground

  6. LJ MASE - ID

  7. LJ MASE Ft. Ella X - Hush Now

  8. LJ MASE ft Tailor - Take our time

  9. Lane 8 - Shooting arrows - Matt fax remix

  10. LJ MASE - ID

  11. Robbie East Ft. Tailor - Holding Ground

  12. LJ MASE x Modera - ID

  13. LJ MASE x Modera - ID

  14. LJ MASE - ID


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