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The Music Connects Us

Electronic Music Australia ep.12 aired 23 May 2022

In the main street of Belgrade, Serbia on a hot, sunny July day my friend and I were approached by a total stranger who knew us by name. As it was, I had only met my travel companion in person a day or two earlier. We were technically all strangers, but were all bound by a love of the Prodigy, known to each other online only. The community of Prodigy fans or ‘warriors’ is big, strong and truly an incredible thing to be a part of.

Years later in 2021 on the Gold Coast, with restrictions on travel and border closures, in a small, local café and bar known for it's support of underground music, another community was discovered. With varying ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, just like the three of us in Serbia, we all share a common thread – a deep love of music. When I say I love music, of course I am talking about beats, and bass and melody and all that makes music, music. But I think most people love or at least like music. There’s something for some people that goes beyond the technicality of music, it's a way of life, a passion and it connects people from all walks of life, all corners of the planet. Our music loving community is our chosen family.

So when we lose a member of our community, the loss is real and felt widely. Before the illness ravaging his body completely took over, Izza was still frequenting our local spot, his warm smile and vibrant energy still shining through. I’m not going to tell you I knew everything about Izza, or that we were super close, but he was an important member of our community and specifically the Drum and Bass crew. That’s why, on learning of his passing, I wanted to commemorate Izza in the only way I knew how – through music.

Matt Parker AKA Skitzoid’s track Sketchy closed episode 6 of EMA ‘Greetings from the Antipidoes’. He’s an incredible drum and bass producer and mixer from Brisbane, with an impressive record of gigs including supports to Fox Stevenson (UK), Doctor Werewolf (Syd) and Blaine Stranger (BNE) to name just a few. I knew that this episode of EMA needed to be mixed by an absolute weapon and Matt was the man for the job.

Listen here or on Mixcloud and SoundCloud

I was stoked and honoured that Matt embraced my request with so much warmth and enthusiasm and curated an absolutely epic Australian music journey through all realms of Drum & Bass. There's so many Aussie heavy hitters in this mix including Operon and Chris Munky, Nomia, SpeedFreq, Shockone, Ekko and Sidetrack, Tomix, Xsetra, YZMIKH, Formidian, Data Roaming, Mudgumbo, Fitch, and more - make sure you check out the playlist below, and support these artists! There's a whole tonne of exclusive and unreleased goodies in the mix too, if you can't find the track you're looking for, it's so darn new you'll just have to be patient.

A genuine and heartfelt thanks to Skitzoid for this incredible mix, dedicated to our friend Izza and the Drum & Bass crew. This is truly a celebration of a life well lived. A collective hug to everyone who has lost someone before their time, stick together, embrace your community, look after your friends, we don’t know how long we will be here.

Thank you once again Skitzoid for the care and time you took to prepare this mix and to all the artists who contributed to it.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Monday on 105.7 Radio Metro at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 12 on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube.

The sun will come out again,

Ky Mi x

  1. Skitzoid - DDD [unreleased]

  2. SpeedFreq - Pitfall

  3. Nomia & The Navigator - Murda

  4. Skitzoid - Chasm [unreleased]

  5. YZMIKH - [ID unreleased]

  6. Tomix & Speedfreq - The circle ft. Mc Shureshock (8ball Audio Release)

  7. Nomia - Elevate

  8. YZMIKH & Formidian - [ID unreleased]

  9. Tomix - Clockwork ft. Madrush MC (Drippyboi Release)

  10. Jacob miller - Tenement yard (Chris Munky & Operon remix)

  11. Skitzoid - Sketchy

  12. Tomix - Breh (8ball Audio Release)

  13. T>I & Zombie Cats - Sidestep (Critical Music Release)

  14. Terrence & Phillip & KT Kinga - DnB Religion

  15. Skitzoid - [ID unreleased]

  16. Zombie Cats & Safra - Gaining Time (Dutty Audio Release)

  17. Terrence & Phillip - Just a Feeling

  18. Skitzoid - Mind Shakin' (8ball Audio Release)

  19. Subfilla - No Benefit

  20. Xsetra - Galand (Delicious Music Release)

  21. Terrence & Phillip - Slang

  22. Face Invade - Slave (8ball Audio Release)

  23. Terrence & Phillip - Fusion

  24. Aradale - Delusional (8ball Audio Release)

  25. Snow - Informer (Skitzoid Bootleg)

  26. Xsetra - Dnd (8ball Audio Release)

  27. Voidlab - Neurogenesis

  28. A.M.C - Bass (Skitzoid Bootleg)

  29. YZMIKH & Formidian - [ID Unreleased]

  30. Skitzoid - [ID unreleased]

  31. Skitzoid - Orbital Phase (Brainsick Records Release)

  32. YZMIKH - Gunship

  33. Zombie Cats - Alarma (Eatbrain release)

  34. Delta Heavy & Everyone You Know - Anarchy (Shockone Remix) - (Ram Records Release)

  35. YZMIKH & Fitch - [ID Unreleased]

  36. Formidian - [ID Unreleased]

  37. Cianna Blaze - Booty Like Nikki (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)

  38. Skitzoid - Rrenched (Symbol 2306 Exclusive Mix Release)

  39. Shockone - Lazerbeam ft. Metrik

  40. Flowidus - Compressor

  41. Nolan K - Ghosts (Data Roaming Remix)

  42. Mudgumbo - Kanyon

  43. Fitch - Moments ft. Aeroborn (Dim Mak Release)

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Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker
May 25, 2022

Thank you again for hosting me Ky. Will be ever grateful for the opportunity :D

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