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We Live Forever – Ky Mi’s Prodigy Tribute Hour

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Yes, I know, The Prodigy is not an Australian band but at your request, nay, demand, here’s the recording of my Prodigy Tribute Special which aired on 105.7 Radio Metro on 4 March 2022. This date is the anniversary of Keith Flint’s death, and I was very lucky to be able to program the second hour of the Brunch show where I don’t normally get to program the music. A very big thank you to Vikki, our amazing Station Manager for allowing me hijack the program! During the hour I played as many tracks as I could squeeze in from the bands last gig which was in Auckland in 2019. You get an extra track in this recording (yay!).

A couple of highlights from my Prodigy journey. The first Prodigy track I ever heard was “Out of Space” on my little boom box radio (complete with cassette players) as a kid. Don’t do the math on how old that makes me, k thanks! Six years later in 1998, I was at my first ever Prodigy gig at the old Festival Hall in Brisbane for The Fat of the Land Tour. Brissy band Regurgitator was on support duties, and it was the Best. Night. Ever!

At that point they were still playing loads of tracks from Music for the Jilted Generation, and this night solidified a passion for the band that has now lasted like, 30 years (again, no math on my age, cheers!). The band itself ignited passion for live music, electronic music but also other genres including Heavy Metal, DnB and Dub due to the eclectic nature of The Prodigy’s discography.

Fun fact, The Prodigy played at Gold Coast convention Centre in 2010 for the Invaders Must Die tour. I was not a GC local at that time, but I visited for the gig!

In 2013, a casual trip to Bali for a friend’s wedding was cut short, when The Prodigy announced they were playing Exit Festival in Serbia. For a reason that I cannot remember, seeing them at this event was on my “bucket list”. They delivered an unbelievable set to the predominantly Eastern European crowd, who are famously known as some of the most passionate Prodigy fans around!

During this trip I met many Prodigy fans (Warriors!) face to face who I had been online friends with for many years, and for this reason, the relationship with The Prodigy is so much more than “just” music. It has connected me to so many friends around the world and for that I am eternally grateful.

On waking up to the news of Keith Flint’s death in March 2019, the sense of loss was utterly devastating as The Prodigy had been such a consistent and major force in my life for so long.

Doing this tribute show meant the absolute world to me, my phone was absolutely blowing up the whole time, so I hope you enjoy the recording. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the show and for all the positive feedback, it means a lot!

One final note, this week, the remaining band members Liam Howlett and Maxim (Keith Palmer) have announced a series of live gigs for the 25th anniversary of The Fat of the Land album, wonderful news if not a little bitter-sweet.

Even though he is no longer with us, I feel sure the energy of Keith Flint will burn strong in these live shows and will certainly live on in the music of the greatest band and electronic act of all time!

We Live Forever!

  1. Breathe

  2. Resonate

  3. Nasty

  4. Omen

  5. Champions of London

  6. Voodoo People

  7. Run with the Wolves

  8. Need Some1

  9. The Day Is My Enemy

  10. The Day Is My Enemy [Bad Company UK Remix]

  11. Everybody in the Place

  12. Firestarter

  13. Roadblox

  14. Light up the Sky

  15. No Good (Start the Dance)

  16. Take Me To The Hospital

  17. We Live Forever

  18. Timebomb Zone

  19. Smack My Bitch Up


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