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Track Review: LION 'Attention'

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

There comes a time in all of our lives when we are in need of a hard-hitting, high-energy reminder to live authentically. Just a little bit of encouragement to get wild and to shake off the opinions of other people. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what LION’s new track “Attention” provides.

LION is a queer, Ethiopian-Australian, electropop/alt artist, singer, songwriter, producer and dancer based in Naarm (Melbourne). Their latest release, “Attention” is an empowering and vivacious club track - a promising follow up to their debut single “Not Your Fetish.” The artist has


“I wrote this song in a period of my life where I sought so much external validation that I nearly lost myself.” (via LION’s label: Tomboi Records.)

“Attention” is a lionhearted exploration of this personal - but undoubtedly relatable - experience. It offers a camp, catchy cautionary tale against the pitfalls of living for superficial approval.

With a commanding rhythm, impassioned vocalization, and the iconically brash synths of the queer electropop scene, LION creates a contagious and captivating chaos. This atmosphere illustrates the fractured sense of self that arises when one becomes caught in the web of other people’s perspectives. LION’s hyper-pop influence shines through in glitchy, distorted vocal chops that blend seamlessly with an engaging and dynamic rap delivery. The artist demonstrates an effective balance of poignancy and playfulness, delivering a vulnerable message in a fun and fearless way. With honest lyricism laid against an infectious beat, LION creates an enticing invitation to dance - and to live - in a way that feels true to YOU.

This brazen banger demonstrates a broad scope of talent within LION’s artistry that truly does demand our attention. It carries a wildly relevant message that needs hearing, and LION practices what they preach through their unapologetically expressive production style and delivery. Not only does this track captivate us with its irresistible rhythm and explosive synths, but it inspires us to go deeper. It invites us to turn our attention inwards, to let go of the need for approval and to find that validation within.

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About the Author

Zoe Davis (AKA Zong) is a freelance creative writer and journalist specializing in explorations of;

society and culture, music and the arts, mental health, philosophical thought and wellbeing.

When they’re not writing you’ll find them exploring the country in their van, most likely making

music or doodling in their sketchbook. Zoe writes to encourage open-mindedness, kindness and

authentic self-expression, as well as simply to learn more about the world and its people.

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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2023

Thanks for the thought-provoking and in depth review Zong!

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