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Track Review: Lokeey 'Nothing Compares'

Updated: May 18

Fresh-faced and up-and-coming artist Lokeey, influenced by Tech House, Minimal, House, and Techno, has been making waves in his coastal hometown of Yamba, NSW, Australia. He's been making noise in the otherwise sleepy town organising cranking events through his Tidal SoundWaves Events brand and most recently the Electric Beats party where he supported Brazilian duo Shapeless. It may come as no surprise then that his debut release "Nothing Compares," which came out on April 16 on Sorta Kinda Music is causing something of a tsunami.

Lokeey on a stool
Yamba lad Lokeey bringing good vibes to dancefloors everywhere with 'Nothing Compares'.

Right from the get go, "Nothing Compares" draws you in with a haunting vocal and melodic synth that builds into the bouncing bassline groove. The track wastes no time in establishing its presence, keeping the energy high. The bassline groove and kick really gets the head bobbin’, while the cool glitchy synths and vocal chops adds the spice throughout the track to tie it all together, setting the vibe for a good time on the dance floor. It's a great first release for Lokeey who's brought all of the elements of a dance track together, groove, energy and melody wrapped up in a neat package.

Apparently others agree, with the track already picking up support from international DJ's including Next of Kin, Marco Carola, Don Diablo and Richie Hawtin, and radio play on Melbourne's Kiss FM. 'Nothing Compares' is set to be a nice addition to dancefloors, on the radio, and it could also be the soundtrack to your next reel or Tik Tok. Lokeey has definitely shown that he is one to keep an eye out for in the future as he continues to develop his already crisp tech sound.

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