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Tropical Fruit

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.15 aired 13 June 2022

Denis Leary sang in his 1993 now probably highly 'cancelable' comedy single 'Asshole', I walk around in the Summer time, saying, "How about this heat?" and I'm wondering if it applies to people walking around in the Winter time saying "bloody hell, it's cold!"? Because that's me! For my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, I welcome you to mock me for complaining about the relatively mild temperatures here on the Gold Coast in Queensland (commonly referred to as 'The Sunshine State' I might add) where the minimum temp is around 9°C (48.2°F) with typically sunny days that peak around 22°C (71.6°F). But this is not compatible with a happy life for me. For I am but a tropical fruit, requiring high temperatures, even higher humidity and clear blue skies for best results.

Much like the tropical pineapple, Ananas comosus, I prefer full sun, and warm temperatures.

To counter the carb-laden foods that I'm shoveling into my mouth like a hungry chipmunk working on building up a solid layer of fat to help me survive the winter, this week's episode of Electronic Music Australia builds into a fairly high energy mix which I hope will warm you up wherever you are.

Throwback to October 3 1998, to a festival called Livid where a younger but equally musically obsessed version of me was rocking out to the likes of Regurgitator, the Avalanches and Endorphin. I remember being utterly enthralled by Endorphin's set at at the time. His track 'Satie 1' opens the show. I did a little digging to find out what happened to Endorphin (Eric Chapus) and was thrilled to see he continues to make music, and I believe he does this from his home in tropical Far North Queensland (smart!).

From amazing memories, to new discoveries, I stumbeled across Brisbane's ODE TO 97 this week with his first official release on the new newly established Departure Lounge label. Straddling deep and minimal house, the A-side of the release DL001, 'Consider It Spun' features in the second half of the show after 'The Heart' from Merkaba. This track is from a really special release called 'Forgotten Frequencies', a collection of unreleased tracks that Merkaba discovered in some old hard drives. Remastered and released so many years later, 'Forgotten Frequencies' represents a snapshot of the artist during the early development of his sound - it's a truly amazing collection.

Listen here or on SoundCloud or YouTube

Speaking of amazing collections, you must check out The Frisson Records Reverse Ozmosis remix Compilation. I couldn't go past the dark and atmopheric Scott Stevenson remix of Dark Mode's 'Salvia Katana' for the show.

A couple of pretty cool things have happened to two outstanding up and coming Aussie artists who have featured on Electronic Music Australia recently. DJ Sammy Smooth (episode 7) won the Metro's Making Music 2022 Production Competition with his track 'Last Night (I Don't Know What Time I Got Home)' and this means the track gets signed with Vicious Recordings. How good!

You heard Ceccato's gorgeous and unreleased house track 'All I Need' on episode 13 of EMA. The track has just been signed to Gold Coast Record Label Sorta Kinda Music with an expected release date of August 11. Very exciting times ahead for these talented artists!

Speaking of talented artists, if you know of one, or if you are one, I want to hear from you! Send through song requests here, and music submissions (producers) here.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Monday on 105.7 Radio Metro at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 15 on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube. I have had some issues with YouTube blocking the shows, so would appreciate your support on Mixcloud first and foremost as this seems to be the fairest platform in terms of acknowledgement and compensating artists which is so important.

Stay warm!

Ky Mi x


1. Endorphin - Satie

2. Dark Mode - Salvia Katana (Scott Stevenson Remix)

3. Cousin – A Message From Q

4. Cassian – Lafayette (Extended Edit)

5. Merkaba – The Heart

6. ODE TO 97 – Consider it Spun

7. Nate S.U, Elijah Something – Late Night Rail

8. Max Durham – Bad Boy Boogie

9. Air Max ’97 – Eat the Rich

10. Latour, Rory Marshall – An Ode to the Rave (Radio Edit)

11. Sam Alfred – Dancing on the M1


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