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Unearthing Hidden Gems: Discovering New Music

Updated: May 30, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.54 aired 11 April 2023

Do you ever find yourself skimming through endless playlists, feeling like you've heard it all? As a music lover, there's nothing quite like the thrill of discovering a new song that no one else seems to know about. In a world where mainstream music dominates the airwaves, unearthing hidden gems can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, as we are discovering it right here, on Electronic Music Australia - together! This episode is definitely a musical adventure of new discoveries.

Embrace the joy of exploration this week, and don't be afraid to try new genres, styles, and artists!

Listen to episode 54 of Electronic Music Australia here, on Rumble or YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

This week's episdode contains three tracks that were submitted via the EMA new music submissions page. HOW GOOD!

From Sydney, De Facto (Cameron Cliffe) dabbles in a range of genres from house to future bass. He brings us an epic remix of The Nights 'Without You'.

The goal of Wooloongong's Unknownfunction is to make music that captivates the listener through mesmerising, profound, and abstract loops. With a career spanning decades and more than 50 independently released tracks, his music takes the listener on a journey. He draws inspiration from pioneers like Autechre, Oscar Mulero, Yan Cook, Tensal, Flug, Richard Devine, and Aphex Twin. Bold, and creative, I hope you enjoy Unknownfunction's track 'dilsatd'.

The final artist who sent me a track that featured in this week's show is Sydney's Harry Klein. He's an audio-visual artist whose work combines polyphonic dance pop with real-time audio-responsive visuals. Harry's performances combine live vocals with in-the-moment track editing and effects that sync and react to bizarre audio-reactive graphics through the usage of Ableton's max for live devices. Check out his track 'Cut & Dirty' in this week's episode.

A big thank you to the artists who have sent through tunes for the show. I'm so glad to be able to play them on the radio! Be sure to follow the artists on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, and join their mailing lists to stay updated on their latest releases, shows, and news. And of course, check out their shows, grab yourself some merch, and when you hear new music you like - share the love by sharing the music with your friends and social media followers!

Hope you enjoy episode 54 of EMA which is available on SoundCloud, Rumble, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night from 11pm AEST on Radio Metro which you can stream via the website or app from wherever you are in the world.

Stay tuned for more musical magic :)

Ky Mi x



1. Self Tape - Addicted To Your Love

2. The Nights- Without You (De Facto!! Remix)

3. Indian Summer – No Use

4. Damo Cox – Looking Good 2nite

5. 1tbsp - It's Very Loud

6. Unknownfunction – dlisatd

7. Tina Says - Dimensions

8. Craig Dale – Search Mode Engaged

9. Platau Sigma - Phantoon (Reuben Stroud Remix)

10. Tommy Trash & KLP - Big Emotion (Edit)

11. Harry Klein - Cut & Dirty

12. Avalon Kane – Red


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