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EMA is all about delivering new Australian electronic music to the World. So if you’re an Australian Electronic Artist and you have a new album, EP or single release coming up and you would like your release featured on EMA, then this is where to make that happen.


You do not need to purchase this service to just submit your track to the Radio Show, please go here if that is all you wish to do.

We make sure that we listen to all submissions and put them all through the same selection process. This is to make sure it is high quality and suitable to be featured on EMA (so please only submit electronic music).


Successful submissions will get;

  • A featured music post on EMA’s website.
  • A  post shared on EMA’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • In most cases, play on the radio show


Please make sure your track is a form of electronic music in nature and is created or remixed by an Australian or New Zealand artist. Should the track be unsuitable for EMA, we will refund 75% of the fee. The remaining fee is in place because we do take the time to listen and contact everyone who submits music to us. These fees go towards covering the time it takes our team to process all the music and keeping our website going strong!

Track Feature Test

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