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EP Review: Erys ‘Chronicles’

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What does good music have in common with a fantasy novel? I’ll tell you. They both invite us to imagine new realms of creativity and possibility. And what do you get when you combine good music and fantasy? You get Erys’ latest E.P. “Chronicles.”

“Chronicles” is a compelling concoction of high fantasy and cyberpunk influence, trap beats, ethereal synths and illustrative lyricism. It is a project that showcases the Brisbane based artist’s natural talents in immersive and transportational world-building. This seven song series is a sonic portal into the fantastical world of Arkyrin: a universe brought about through Erys’ authentic creativity and artistic expression. On Arkyrin’s construction, Erys told me:

“I don’t have to think about how to make it. I just listen to my soul and it shows me.”

This world has been a part of Erys’ creative practice since 2020, finding expression in their visual art and creative writing as well as in their songwriting.

Erys’ high fantasy influences - including J.R.R. Tolkein’s “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” - shine in this project, not only in the vivid imagery “Chronicles” evokes, but in its very structure. The track sequence creates a streamline narrative, allowing the stories of Arkyrin to evolve naturally and flow effortlessly into one another.

Erys with hand on head
Dark drama, Erys "Chronicles" EP. Image: Supplied

The first three tracks: Proxima Blue (ft. Endpoint), Blueprint Bones (ft. Lokkey) and Tomes, serve as a call to action. Proxima Blue is our first invitation into Arkyrin. Hovering, intergalactic synths and the enticing lyrics, “Do you really want to know what you are?” Tell us it’s time to buckle up for an introspective journey. This ethereal introduction is met with cyber influenced, dry trap beats and deep, pulsing bass. Blueprint Bones is where Erys really brings out their world building skills. The evocative sound of a Shakuhachi flute creates an eerie suspense, upon which Erys builds an electric atmosphere. The artist’s illustrative lyricism is delivered with compelling assonance and flow, focusing on

architectural themes to construct a world of chrome, cold blues and silvers. In Tomes, Erys builds upon the E.P’s dark drama, with a grounding trap beat that holds up haunting, gospel synths and pleading harmonies. A satisfying, fast-paced rap delivery blends with spoken sections to captivate us within a setting of misty mountains and mystery.

Tracks 4 and 5 - Spirit Gate and Esoin (both ft. Endpoint) - are the body of the project, presenting a deeper and bolder side of Erys’ artistry. Spirit Gate is aptly named, with dizzying synths and ethereal vocals that create the sensation of being lifted up into another realm. This track tells the story of two lovers who find solace in shared healing, presenting a timeless tale against a contemporary, tight trap beat. With Esoin, Erys flirts with the border between fantasy and reality. A bright, tinny beat, percussive vocal layering and mystical synths support a lyrical expression of the artist’s real-life struggles. This track illustrates a longing for escape, for which fantasy is a famously effective cure.

The final tracks, Blood Moon and Blood Moon - Eclipse - Remix (ft. Endpoint) are the energetic apex of “Chronicles.” With a dark and catchy hook, these dance tracks immerse us in a vampirical world of seduction, suspense and expansive synths. Deep, bouncy bass and energizing trap beats invite us to celebrate Erys’ world building wizardry and the finale of our sonic adventure. “Chronicles,” in its entirety, is a well-crafted invitation to imagine, create and immerse ourselves in worlds of fantastical possibility and to embrace life’s mystery.

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