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EP Review: Joey Tuckshop 'Summer Feed'

Full disclosure: Here at Electronic Music Australia, we really like Lennox Head local Joey Tuckshop. Is it because he's a gentle giant of a man, with a lovely beard? Or is it because he infuses his music with foodie delights - a packet of Jatz here, a pie there...? I mean, it could just be that Joey Tuckshop consistently delivers a sound that is uniquely him, dancy, digestible (pun intended) for a wide variety of audiences and situations, and always feel-good energy.

His recent EP, titled 'Summer Feed' is no exception. His third release under the Gold Coast independent record label Sorta Kinda Music, is a two-track musical journey that will inevitably make some part of you bop whether you want to or not.

First up, 'Kick Snare and a Feed' might be described as a Deep House track but much like Joey Tuckshop's previous releases, it is hard to pigeonhole into one genre. He reports that the track started with a dub bassline. However you wish to quantify it, with it's layered pads, synths, and a generous serving of squelchy stabs, 'Kick Snare and a Feed' is tailor-made dark dancefloors and eyes closed, just-let-go moments.

Moving on to the second track on the EP, 'Summer Milkshake' delivers a house vibe perfectly timed for those longer, sun-soaked days and nights of the Aussie party season. This track ilicits the vibe of a road trip to the coast or on the way to a summer festival. The intro sparkles with glittery synths and vocal chops, setting the scene for a good time. When the drop hits, you're treated to a blend of diverse synth sounds, all tied together by a seriously groovy bassline. We bliss out to this one, picturing warm sunsets and downright feel-good moments that Aussie summers were made for.

Man wearing Sorta Kinda Music tee shirt
Joey Tuckshop. Happiness and humour infused dance music. Image: Joey Tuckshop

Growing up in Adelaide, Joey Tuckshop started his musical journey playing the guitar, but quickly abandoned strumming the strings after discovering electronic music. He relocated to Northern New South Wales to pursue production studies at creative campus SAE Byron Bay. He features regularly on local lineups including past positions on illustrious Rabbits Eats Lettuce and Splendour In The Grass festivals. He also runs his own parties through his Future Faktori events brand.

Whether you're in the kitchen cooking up dinner with your Mum, riding with your homies (is that word still a thing?) on your way to a party, soaking up the sun poolside, or rocking out on the dancefloor, Joey Tuckshop's 'Summer Feed' EP is a great addition to your playlists.

Joey Tuckshop is also a very worthy follow on your social feeds, where you can catch his clever, often food inspired and generally very funny content. In a scene where people can get caught up in taking themselves a little too seriously, there's a certain magic in finding an artist who sets out with a simple mission - to make others feel good, and Joey Tuckshop nails it.

'Summer Feed' is out now.

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Connect with Joey Tuckshop: Facebook | Instagram | Tik Tok | Soundcloud


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