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EP Review: Motez 'Coalesce'

To live in the present day is to navigate through reality and the digital sphere. A fascinating realm that can connect us, teach us, and serve us; but also kill our individualism through a forced tribalist mindset and provide us with a manufactured fantasy built on monotony and sedation. A frightening prospect but an exciting theme for Motez’s new EP, ‘Coalesce’.

Motez, 'Hypercube'
Motez, 'Hypercube'. Image: Facebook

'Coalesce' is an audiovisual project in collaboration with artist Dave Court. The 'Hypercube' is a visual art piece created by Court to convey a world intertwined by reality and the imagination. Entering the Hypercube we can immerse ourselves into this wonderfully woven world and tune into Motez's well formulated journey.

'INTRO: Press Play' is the first step to approaching the techno project's domain. A calm, introspective voice welcomed me into a foreboding bleak landscape. Listeners are warned that once here, there is no turning back. The daunting track can only be described as cyber-punk-esque, alluding to the mysterious and sinister complications of the digital world. A very dark and malicious endeavour for Motez who's earlier releases were certainly more light hearted and serene. No complaints when experimentation leads to something as well thought out as this EP!

Clearly, Motez is a fan of the way art is produced. Unlocking the creative side of your brain to churn inspirations into new ideas. A standout track with Dave Court, 'Experiment', delves into the social pressures surrounding creation and how artists are expected to produce something that matches their previous work. The ethereal track behind Court's philosophies give listeners a sense of who the artists are and what it means for them to collaborate.

Moving on to what I consider the best standalone track of the EP, Motez's, 'Make Way' has immediately been cemented as a favourite with its catchy lyrics and heavy danceability. Almost aggressively energetic, 'Make Way' boasts a buzzing techno beat that demands me to question if I've made it all the way inside the Hypercube. Maybe this world isn't so bad? Vocals from Elsy Wameyo are just so addicting; 'game, set, replay' will be looping around your head for days. An easy classic for Motez’s discography.

‘OUTRO: Never The Same’ ends the EP similarly to how it starts. A meditative, ambient track that borders psychedelia. We are finally able to break away from the loop and exit Motez and Court’s world for good… at least until the next listen.

‘Coalesce’ invites us to explore the coexistence of the virtual and the real, reminding us of the potential charms and challenges provided by the digital world. The EP is a testament to Motez’s willingness to experiment and evolve, resulting in an outstanding project with some compelling hits that are both reflective, and exhilarating. I’m a big fan.

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Multiple studies show that playing music while you work is distracting. While no one can really deny this fact- I’m sure many, including me, turn a blind eye to this. In 2022 I moved from Singapore to Melbourne for university. I had never given much thought to the music scene here, I was convinced that the UK and the US had the format down and we unfortunately did not. How quickly I was proven wrong. The Australian sound grew on me quickly and I soon came to realise how underrepresented we are in the music scene. As a passionate writer and music fanatic, it is great to get involved with underground artists and give them the limelight they truly deserve.

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