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EP Review: Formidian 'Beyond The Ultravoid Pt. 2'

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Formidian is an amazing talent emerging from Brisbane, bringing the heat and producing beats that really are a journey beyond reality. Introducing Formidian's latest EP, a two-track offering called 'Beyond the Ultravoid Pt.2' and it's an absolute banger. A sequal to German producer LxT's 2022 release 'Into The Ultravoid Pt.1', where LxTwent into the void, Formidian goes beyond it. Raw, electric and ultra-cool, I enjoyed listening to it so much that it inspired me to seek out and produce more Drum and Bass.

Formidian headshot
Brisbane's Formidian sends us into space with his latest EP. Image: Supplied

'Beyond The Ultravoid Pt.2' is a wild and highly energetic auditory experience that takes you on a soundscape through chaos and order. It lifted me up into a trance-like state where I could feel my mind shift, delivering vivid mental images of past, future, and present - real alien shit! The first track, 'Thermophile', catapults me into a world of edgy feelings through dynamic energy shifts. Production is super tight and Formidian is a master of his craft. Distorted drum elements add to the chaos but balance out the space through a clean atmosphere of rising anticipation with the arps and pads. It's like standing on the edge of an explosion, with the music serving as the fuse. BOOM!

It's clear that this music is there to tear reality at the seams, a mission that's not for the faint of heart. It's a sonic adventure, taking a walk in a digital jungle, a place where hyperbolic synchronicity is the norm, my kind of vibe to be honest. Raw and powerful stuff.

'Ultravoid', the second track, feels like a trip to another planet, where time and consciousness intertwine, like Earth but cooler. The listener is transported through a vortex, encountering alien beings and witnessing themselves from an outside perspective or at least that was my experience - music is super visual for me. The track conveys panic, and moments of calm, all without the need for literal words. It's as if tiny goblins are operating at the fringe of reality, shaping your environment and drilling new dimensions into your mind through sound, rad AF!

EP Cover "Beyond The Ultravoid Pt. 2'
Go Beyond the Ultravoid. Image: Supplied

The clean and dynamic production takes full advantage of the frequency spectrum, telling a vivid story of adventure, creation and banging energy. The music serves as a reminder of a place we've all travelled to and from, a place we've somehow forgotten, the void, the great mystery.

Formidian's 'Beyond The Ultravoid Pt.2' is a testament to the power of an imaginative producer. The EP's production is a finely tuned rocket ship that takes you to the edge of reality, pushing the boundaries of your perception and making you bounce baby bounce, so dope. It's an experience that demands submission, asking you to submit control and witness to its hypnotic groove, raw power and energy.

Brisbane's Formidian is yet another artist that I look forward to hearing more of!

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About the Author

Andrei Satcau is a multitalented artist, producer, photographer/videographer soon-to-be author working with some of the biggest names in music shooting concerts. As a cameraman, Andrei has shot some of the best and continues to do so. In front of the camera, andrei does regular acting work. He is a multifaceted individual who loves to create and believes that anyone can do anything if they set their mind. His label Shutterdre launched in 2021, creating various sounds from hip hop to drum and bass, cinematic ambient soundscapes to pumping psytrance and techno under the artist name Thracos and Shutterdre.

His roots run deep in the world of entertainment, having served as a production manager for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where he toured with comedic talents around Australia and Asia. His adventures have also taken him under the sea as an underwater photographer and dive master. Generally, he likes to do it all, give it his all, and inspire others to do the same.

His new book “Self” will be available early next year, writing is a newfound passion for him. He also has a new album which is almost finished. He views life on the wild side and inspires others to step outside of their comfort zone and find the best version of themselves through regular discomfort, focus and reflection. You can find Andrei on socials under the handle @shutterdre!


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