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Summertime Mischief: Gold Coast Teen Sammy Smooth Drops New EP

All over the globe there are little kids with dreams and aspirations. Do you remember what it felt like to be in that space of innocence and infinite possibility? I hope so! I really do hope we can all at least remember - if not tap into - that feeling of complete belief in our potential.

Of course, as we move through life it can be difficult to keep that self-faith burning. That’s why we need reminders. We need artists like the Sammy Smooth to look up to as proof that it is possible to live in a way that would make our younger selves proud. While some kids and their dads were out fishing, Sammy’s dad - who began mixing as a teenager - was teaching him how to work the decks. The fresh-faced teenage Gold Coast DJ and producer is lucky enough to have talent in his DNA.

Sammy Smooth standing in front of graffiti wall
Bringing the grooves - Sammy Smooth. Image: Sorta Kinda Music

But talent is really only one part of the equation, it’s Sammy Smooth’s passion and drive that sets him apart from the crowd. He has always known that he wanted to pursue music, so at fourteen he began to really hone his craft from his bedroom. Ever since, he’s been churning out banger after banger on the very same decks he’s been using since his childhood. Sammy has faithfully dedicated his teenage years to his artistry, which takes a special kind of passion and self-discipline. Although Sammy’s heart lies in house and tech house, he rebels against the notion of being put into a box by dipping his toes into as many genres as humanly possible.

Sammy’s story proves that unapologetic loyalty to your goals pays off. His drive and enthusiasm has allowed him to cultivate a youthful and energetic sound, balanced with a mastery beyond his years. In 2022, Sammy won Radio Metro’s “Makin Music Comp” with his infectious track “Last Night.” This win secured him a record deal with Vicious Recording Group. Mr. Smooth just does not let up in the pursuit of success. He’s continued to jump at every opportunity to evolve in his artistry, rocking venues all over the Gold Coast and continuing to develop his discography.

Apparently, this summer will be ridiculously hot. There are fire warnings all over the place. Some blame climate change, but I’m pointing my finger at Sammy Smooth. His debut E.P. “Tied Up” perfectly encapsulates the sound of Australian youth and summertime mischief. The two new fiery tracks “Tied Up” and “Baby Let’s Go” come in perfect timing for the season of sun-soaked beach parties and pool-side rowdiness. Sammy Smooth has said that he makes his music in order to:

“spread joy and happiness to as many people that want to listen.”

This new release certainly does his intentions justice. It’s been a big year and we’re all in need of tracks that allow us to let go of the heavy stuff for a little while. Sammy Smooth’s new E.P. is the ultimate soundtrack for the carefree summer we’ve all been hoping for.

With each new release, Sammy reminds us of the importance of putting faith in yourself and really chasing what you know you are capable of achieving. Despite his youth, Sammy Smooth is already making waves in Australia’s electronic music scene, and he’s only just begun.

Buy 'Tied Up' EP on Beatport released via Sorta Kinda Music

Stream on Spotify

Connect with Sammy Smooth: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | TikTok


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