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Track Review: Barley Passable 'I Know You Know'

Updated: Feb 28

Barley Passable, the dynamic duo from Sydney comprising of Davy and Kai, have dropped another indie-disco gem onto the airwaves with 'I Know You Know'. Their latest track has been expertly crafted by the talented Nathan Hawes (also known as Kesmar and Lazywax) and features the enchanting vocals of Lora.

The vibe of 'I Know You Know' is like sinking into a plush velvet sofa after a long day—smooth, comforting and effortlessly cool. It's a track that seamlessly blends retro nostalgia with a modern edge in both its composition and sound. The drums pulse softly, the vocals cascade like silk and contrast one another, and the synths add a contemporary twist to the nostalgic 90s atmosphere. There's a delicious tension in the vocals, hinting at the underlying theme of the track, communicating our struggles for understanding and the inevitability of truth surfacing.

When I listen to Barley Passable, it feels like I'm embarking on a mission. A mission for feeling, for love, for sensation with no regard for consequences. Their new track takes me through decades of musical influences all at the same time —from the funky beats of 70s Disco to the cheeky spirit of the 80s and 90s. The modern vibe comes through in the attitude of euphoric dance floors of the early 00s and the chic sounds of modern French Pop. "I Know You Know" asks you to dance to your own beat and feel your own rhythm. But it has a depth of its own, told through the piece's sublime narration, with vocals that bring out the personality and intimacy of the production.

Both Kai and Davy, the creatives behind Barley Passable, bring to the table a taste in musicality and expertise that has been forged by experience. Bonded by their shared struggles in Jazz studies at Music University, they've built up their production skills to find a blend of genres and sounds that are entirely their own.

Barley Passable aren't just about making music —they are creative visionaries, and storytelling is at the heart of their artistic mission. Fashion, film and urban design merge seamlessly with their creative offerings, sinking you into an immersive experience. 'I Know You Know' marks the third instalment in a series of releases from Barley Passable, promising even more music to come in 2024. With their dedication and passion, it's no surprise that they've garnered acclaim both at home in Australia and on the international stage.

Thursday, February 22nd is the release date for this lush track. Prepare to be whisked away into dreamy wonder with Barley Passable.

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About the Author

Andrei Satcau is a multitalented artist, producer, photographer/videographer soon-to-be author working with some of the biggest names in music shooting concerts. As a cameraman, Andrei has shot some of the best and continues to do so. In front of the camera, andrei does regular acting work. He is a multifaceted individual who loves to create and believes that anyone can do anything if they set their mind. His label Shutterdre launched in 2021, creating various sounds from hip hop to drum and bass, cinematic ambient soundscapes to pumping psytrance and techno under the artist name Thracos and Shutterdre.

His roots run deep in the world of entertainment, having served as a production manager for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where he toured with comedic talents around Australia and Asia. His adventures have also taken him under the sea as an underwater photographer and dive master. Generally, he likes to do it all, give it his all, and inspire others to do the same.

His new book “Self” will be available early next year, writing is a newfound passion for him. He also has a new album which is almost finished. He views life on the wild side and inspires others to step outside of their comfort zone and find the best version of themselves through regular discomfort, focus and reflection. You can find Andrei on socials under the handle @shutterdre!


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