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Track Review: Caravana Sun ‘Hearts Awake’

Happiness, anger, love, and sadness: As humans we have a wide range of emotions, and one thing that we do, is soundtrack songs to fit our current state of mind. Getting ready for a big game, we need to hype ourselves up, setting the mood with a certain someone. Or setting the mood to get over someone. Caravãna Suns' latest track 'Hearts Awake' is the soundtrack you need when you are ready to pick yourself up. ‘Heart Awake’, will push you past the struggle to surpass the pain and inspire you to open your heart to show that the possibilities of the world are limitless.

Caravãna Sun is an Australian Surf Rock Band, originating from the Southern Beaches of Sydney. Their sound and live performance draws out hypnotic and euphoric energy, which is truly infectious to any crowd that they play for. This is comprised of their ability to splice elements of electronic and live instrumentation, the blending of genres and the band's drive to create music that truly represents them.

They have spent 2023 travelling the world, playing in numerous countries and festivals. The band performed at Boardmasters and Boomtown in the United Kingdom, as well as ‘Summer In the City’, ‘Reggae Sun Ska’ and 'Madness‘ in Europe. These experiences of performing for crowds around the UK and Europe inspired them to delve into the Eurodance Space. This led to the inspiration of ‘Hearts Awake’.

Band Caravana Sun leaning against a building
Feel good indie vibes with Caravana Sun. Image: Supplied

‘Hearts Awake’ is an inspiring summer anthem that represents “embracing hard times and coming out triumphant with an optimistic joy and determination to keep our hearts open to life’s wonder” (Caravãna Sun). The song and verse begin with a driving synth bass, creating a dark atmosphere that encapsulates a beautiful contrast with the soft melancholic vocals. The lyrics feel like you are being understood of those negative emotions, but it's time to heal. The pre-chorus leads you to remove the Veil that has shrouded your vision. You are then transported into hope and freedom, once the chorus has arrived, which leads you to live in the moment. This is captured with bright, arpeggiated synths and a catchy hook that leaves you wanting more.

Caravãna Sun worked with producer and ‘Eskimo Joe’ guitarist Joel Quatermain (Meg Mac, Dan Sultan) and Engineer Peter Holz (Gang Of Youths, Vance Joy, Peking Duk). Their influence and skills with production have led Caravãna Sun to create their most polished sound while maintaining their well-known style.

Caravãna Sun has truly encapsulated such a complex concept in their track‚ 'Hearts Awake’. The song feels like your consciousness is telling you: It's time to open your heart, overcome and learn from your tragedy. And I think you will find, it's worth so much more to open your heart than to remain forever closed.

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About the Author

Robert Vaughan (Bards Produced) Is a Music Producer, Radio Broadcaster and Journalist from the South Coast of Australia. Graduating University with a Major in Creative Arts (Music) and a minor in Philosophy in 2022. He loves all forms of music, and learning the historical, artistic and psychological aspects, that make music special to the listener. As a youth he followed numerous Australian underground scenes relating to the genres of Rap and Metal. During his experiences as a student and artist to further his craft. He found the passion of other styles and genres of music, Including Electronic Dance Music. Through his studies he found the scientific and cultural relevance of Electronic Music, as well as its impact by Australian Artists. Now he wishes to help Australian Artists, through the medium of Journalism.


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