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Track Review: Club Angel 'Stylin'

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In the early 1990s, Breakbeats were the urban street culture of EDM, with artists' music being built around complex beats chopped up from funk, soul and reggae tracks. Club Angel takes us back to these significant beginnings of Breakbeat with his new track Stylin’, a mix of early EDM genres with an aural journey blend of Jungle samples that highlight the roles these subgenres play in the development of electronic music. Which is the purpose of this article, to give you a sense of what Club Angels Studio Wizardry and Inspirations have to share with us. 

Club Angel is a 22-year-old Eora/Sydney-based producer and DJ. His recent debut EP, 6 AM, released on September 16, on Astral People Recordings / [PIAS] shares dancefloor anthems heavily inspired by late 90s UK dance music. His single Pop Them Threat! nicely introduced the multilayered production of 2-Step, Jungle and Garage with tight drums.

Black and white image of Club Angel DJing
Infectious breakbeats with Club Angel. Image: Facebook

Club Angel has maintained consistency with his newest release, Stylin’. The intro starts with a classic filtered vocal sample and then kicks off with an infectious Breakbeat. A captivating synth sample subtly joins in the mix while the Breakbeat drives forward with vocal samples and builds, grabbing the attention of the listener. Electrifying Breakbeats drive this track forward with an uplifting tempo of 140 bpm right until the ending. The main vocal sample drops with a soulful expression of the Ragga Jungle style throughout.

Stylin' takes us on a journey of danceable grooves while the driving breakbeat is identified with Jungle of the early 1990s, resonating with the listener the sense of EDMs beginnings, where it all started in urban street culture. This actually is reminiscent of my younger days, roller skating to tracks like this in the early 90s by the DJ at my local skating rink. The charismatic vocals samples share Regga Jungle vibes adding to the soundscape of artistic experimentation by blending it with Breakbeat.

Overall, I rate this track up there with nostalgic early '90s UK Dance music and highly recommend adding 'Stylin' to your collection.

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About the Author

Jason Baillie (AKA Bailz) studied music at uni, is a Guitarist and Songwriter and now an avid music journalist. Jason’s passion for music was at its heights with the band King Social (2013-2018) featuring songs such as They Call It and Big Man on the Australian Aria charts and coming runners up in the 2015 Australia’s Got Talent grand finals. After the success of King Social the band took an indefinite hiatus in 2019 as the members needed to focus on being closer with their families and loved ones as the touring life stretched relationships. Today Jason enjoys listening to Psytrance and making his own music in his home studio while spending weekends with his kids while writing and reviewing other great Australian artists.


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