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Track Review: Graham Dunn 'E-Scooter'

When I think of an E-scooter I recall convenient commutes to work and desperate attempts to

reach class on time. As a result of watching too many movies, a Vespa travelling around some

beautiful Italian scenery also comes to mind. Well don’t let the title mislead you, Graham Dunn’s

new single, ‘E-Scooter’ journeys to a much darker, but equally beautiful, underground scene.

‘E-scooter’ possesses dark, atmospheric properties that are consistent with Dunn’s previous

releases; however, this track’s erratic synths and areas of minimal composition, produce a more

unique, experimental sound that I am absolutely a fan of.

Graham Dunn in a white tee shirt
Abstract IDM - Graham Dunn's 'E-Scooter' is out now. Image: Graham Dunn

The intro strikes you with a dirty bass loop behind high attack drums, throwing you into an intense build up that had my head bopping from the get go. I was immediately immersed in Dunn’s dark and ambient creation, but what really intrigued me were the sombre piano notes and layered synths. They provided such a strong ethereal feel, coherently weaving together elements of house and abstract IDM. The song’s radical changes had me unsure whether todance, or just close my eyes and savour those glamorous synths. For any Aphex Twin fans, give this one a go!

Make sure you also check out the breaks mix of the track as I have been completely won over by the intro’s tonal riser. It brilliantly transitions from a slightly off beat bass line into explosive percussion in an extremely satisfying manner- well done on that one Graham!

The song was an enjoyable listen, and quite difficult to categorise. Whether Dunn is spinning decks in the UK or performing at his monthly ‘Expectations’ show, this is a track I would definitely be excited to see on his setlist.

However, I am left with one burning question for Graham… Where on Earth are you riding your E-scooter?

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Multiple studies show that playing music while you work is distracting. While no one can really deny this fact- I’m sure many, including me, turn a blind eye to this. In 2022 I moved from Singapore to Melbourne for university. I had never given much thought to the music scene here, I was convinced that the UK and the US had the format down and we unfortunately did not. How quickly I was proven wrong. The Australian sound grew on me quickly and I soon came to realise how underrepresented we are in the music scene. As a passionate writer and music fanatic, it is great to get involved with underground artists and give them the limelight they truly deserve.

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