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Track Review: Harry Klein ‘Who Floats Above’

An ominous title often suggests foreboding or mysterious themes, which is definitely an exciting prospect when listening to new music. Sure enough, Sydney based artist Harry Klein delivers an apocalyptic sound with his new track, ‘Who Floats Above’. Klein leans into the art of polyphonics, a synchronic blend of multiple tones and melodic lines that produce a highly textured feel. Klein’s creativity transcends past music as he mixes these polyphonic elements with live reactive visuals that sculpt worlds for his tracks and provide a new layer to each listening experience.

Harry Klein in black shirt and headband
Thought provoking Sydney artist Harry Klein. Image: Supplied

‘Who Floats Above’ unwound me with an extensive intro, which Klein immaculately describes as, “a bittersweet meditative instrumental”. The tranquil, spiritual energy of the track is interrupted with glitches and moments of percussion, lulling me into a false sense of calmness and foreshadowing the marvelously distressing catharsis that was to come. The energy peaks towards the middle of the song with muted bass and glitchy percussion, once again, wonderfully categorized by Klein as the, “uneasy desolate world of glitch”. It is clear to me that Klein contains excellent knowledge on formulating dystopian atmospheres with his production, encouraging listeners to exit reality and enter his dark, sinister worlds.

The track bears chaos layered over sorrowful ambience, which prompts me to classify the track as IDM, but it is worth noting the occasional glimpses of breakbeat/drum and bass - a highly intriguing experimentation of genre that I certainly wasn’t expecting.

If you're in the mood for a murky yet thought provoking listen, I would suggest giving Klein your time. While probably not the song to meet your dancing needs, a great addition to the playlist to expand your music taste.

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Multiple studies show that playing music while you work is distracting. While no one can really deny this fact- I’m sure many, including me, turn a blind eye to this. In 2022 I moved from Singapore to Melbourne for university. I had never given much thought to the music scene here, I was convinced that the UK and the US had the format down and we unfortunately did not. How quickly I was proven wrong. The Australian sound grew on me quickly and I soon came to realise how underrepresented we are in the music scene. As a passionate writer and music fanatic, it is great to get involved with underground artists and give them the limelight they truly deserve.

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