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Track Review: J Kwon - Tipsy (KORMAK Edit)

Australian DJ and producer Kormak has cracked the American music scene with an upcoming gig at Hollywood Nightclub Academy as well as signing with Repopulate Mars in late 2022, record label owned by American underground house and techno producer Lee Foss.

Kormak with head down, red filter
Sydney producer Kormak is celebrating an upcoming visit to the USA. Image: Facebook

If Kormak is not already on your musical radar, it won’t be long before his signature brand of house music will make its way into your regular listening. This Sydney-based artist first stepped into music as a teenager by framing edits of Turkish classics for friends and family. Since then his career has accelerated at an incredible pace, with tracks featured on BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, triple j and Tomorrowland One World Radio. Kormak has already wowed the Australian house music scene with sold-out shows around the country, as well as featuring on international lineups Your Paradise (Fiji) and house music mecca Defected Festival in Croatia.

It probably goes without saying then, if you’re a house music enthusiast, Kormak is definitely someone you need to add to your playlists. His edit of J KWON - Tipsy is part of his 'The Edits' marathon and when we found out this is a FREE DOWNLOAD we had to let you know about it!

This is a catchy mix that flips the 2004 classic with a fresh beat and great use of the original vocal. Kormak’s remix makes you want to rock out at the same time, with just the right amount of nostalgia. You will find yourself caught in the flow without realising it. He does a terrific job paying homage to the original material and putting it together with his own personal touch, making it unique, fun and fresh. If you weren't familiar with the J KWON track of the same name, Kormak's edit wouldn't feel like a remix, and would hold it's own against original productions. This is the sort of edit that will quickly make it's way into party DJ's arsenal as a surefire dancefloor starter. With this remix, Kormak shows that he can tap into nostalgia in a way that both respects the original while also making it his own.

Kormak's talent has lead to signings with Insomniac Records (US), Defected Records (UK) and Club Sweat (Australia). He's also had some fantastic collaborations with high profile arists including Hayden James and Sam Divine.

Fun and fresh, Kormak's edit of J KWON's 'Tipsy' breathes new life into the hip hop classic. Be sure to keep your eyes out for more from 'The Edits' series if you like what you hear. For the live Kormak experience, check out his art and music event series Batch Series.

Connect with Kormak: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud


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