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Track Review: Joey Daye 'Hit List'

One could say Brisbane local Joey Daye is on a roll. His last single, 'Yerra (Soar)', a breathtaking deep and progressive track celebrating the artists' connection to family and Indigenous culture, peaked at an impressive 23 on the ARIA Club Charts in March. The track also featured on the Sorta Kinda Music 'Club Cactus Vol 2' Compilation album. Daye's latest single, 'Hit List', proves that his artistic prowess knows no bounds.

Joey Daye in black and white
Joey Daye's new single 'Hit List' is out now. Image: supplied

'Hit List' introduces itself with a pulsating rhythm accompanied by Drum and Bass elements and rap-infused vocals. Also known as Tremor, Tremolo, or Flutter House, Stutter House is based around stuttering vocals as the name suggests and is perfectly embodied in Joey Daye’s latest track. Pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation, 'Hit List' effectively showcases the bouncy nature of the genre. The energy and creativity behind the song are evident from the very first note and its infectious energy is not only a testament to the boundless potential of the Stutter House genre, but solidifies Joey Daye as a diverse and talented emerging DJ.

What sets “Hit List” apart is Daye’s seamless weaving together of Drum and Bass beats, intricate synths, and glitchy sound effects to form a harmonious whole and transcend the traditional boundaries of electronic music. The incorporation of rap ensures a dynamic delivery and adds an extra layer of intensity to the already powerful production. The intentional synergy between the vocals and music itself creates a symbiotic relationship that propels the song forward with unwavering momentum. This must-listen will leave you wanting to hear more from Joey Daye.

Having made a name for himself on the football field, Daye decided to retire from professional AFL in 2018 to explore his passion for music. Drawing inspiration from other DJs and producers, Daye hopes to further evolve his sound while making more connections in the electronic music scene. Will Sparks, Golden Features, Dom Dolla, and Rüfüs Du Sol are among those who have had a large impact on Daye’s musical journey thus far. With aspirations to start producing full-time and release two more songs before the end of the year, Daye has us filled with anticipation and the hope for the same good vibes “Hit List” provides.

Watch this space!

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