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Track Review: Joey Daye ‘Lost In A Dream’

DJ and Producer Joey Daye has returned to record label Sorta Kinda Music with a haunting new club anthem titled ‘Lost In A Dream’ as well as a chunky remix package.

Some may be familiar with Joey Daye the AFL footballer, but he has left that career behind, exploring new avenues and making a name for himself in the dance music industry. Joey’s Deep Bassline driven Tech House singles ‘Let's Get Funky’ and ‘Faded,’ have accumulated over half a million streams to date. Daye’s first signing to Clubwrk with his track, ‘Everything You Need,’ featured on their Annual Best of 2021 Album, debuting at #3 on the triple J Unearthed in March of that same year. 2022 was the year Joey got his big break with his Indigenous inspired Progressive House song ‘Yerra (Soar)’, signed by Sorta Kinda Music. This track peaked at an impressive #28 on the ARIA Club Charts.

Joey Daye in white shirt in front of plants
Dreamy soundscapes with Joey Daye. Image: Supplied

In his latest track he still manages to maintain his signature bouncy deep bass and experimental style with a strong Tech House element. ‘Lost in Dream’ might actually be journey of love and desire, with a static, shuddery female vocal hook that echoes through the track subliminally ‘Do you still think of me | I get a feeling you’re lost in a dream’. The track draws you in with its haunting, bouncy synth pattern like something out of a movie - The Blair Witch Project comes to mind.

This track puts you in a trance like state, taunting the listener with the haunting vocal, transitioning to a faster BPM, as the track progresses with an oscillating synth pattern that draws you into a climax, then the bass drops and the echoing of air horns summons the crowd to obey the music and keep on dancing. The ‘Stutter House’ influence is evident in the vocals for this track, after previously using this on his recent track ‘Hit List.’

'Lost In a Dream' is the gift that keeps on giving, with the club ready original and a powerful remix package which includes a VIP and extended VIP remix. The VIP edit brings up the tempo and draws you in with a longer intro. This version has a mighty drop that makes you want to dance into a frenzy. The remix package further experiments with different styles with remixes from Queensland based artists Rabbits on Saturn and Transforma, who take this track to the next level.

Originally from South London, Rabbits on Saturn a.k.a. Alex Nott has heavy influence from drum n bass, hardcore and the old school rave scene. This becomes evident on his 'Drop The 96' remix. With its 1990's vibe, this mix takes you to scenes of an industrial warehouse rave. It starts off with heavy slapping sounds and uses space like swirling synth rhythms, dominating bass lines, echoing air horns summoning the crowd into a dance frenzy and overarching percussion while still balancing out the vocal. It is a brilliant example of how diverse this track can really be.

Album cover with artists images
Something for everyone in the Lost In a Dream Remix package. Image: Sorta Kinda Music

Tranforma is widely known in the UK and Australian Drum n Bass and Neurofunk scenes. His unique use of sonics and diligence is demonstrated on his remix of ‘Lost In A Dream.’ The track builds up with minimalist synth concentrating on the subliminal vocal, moving into heavy bass lines, before that signature high speed Drum and Bass style drops in over the original track. D&B enthusiasts should be satisfied with this heavy Drum and Bass offering that compliments the Tech House original and Rabbit's On Saturn's genre defying iteration.

Overall, this is a great package, with enough variety in the remixes to give most dance music enthusiasts something to tap along to.

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