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Track Review: John Course 'What Am I Gonna Do' (ft. Emily Williams)

Revelling in music comes partly from bopping your head along to the beat. The other half comes from envisioning yourself as the artiste as you belt out the lyrics alone in your room or during a karaoke session with your mates.

The new track, “What Am I Gonna Do” featuring Emily Williams, grants audiences this joy.

John Course sitting in camo jacket
John Course co-owns the Vicious Label alongside DJ Andy Van and Colin Daniels. Image via Vicious Recordings

The Vicious single, produced by label co-founder and Producer John Course, gives listeners an auditory experience that hits the spot with totally dancable club vibes and a lot of soul. A spectacularly groovy bassline and the catchy yet easy-to-learn lyrics (courtesy of fellow DJ and Producer DÉ SAINT.) makes this new track a perfect addition to any setlist, injecting a soulful mood booster into dance floors across the country.

Having been a leading DJ and Australian dance music icon for over a decade, John Course has been showcasing his talents at numerous disco-based events including Australia’s Glitterbox and many Sky Disco events.

Emily Williams smiling
Emily Williams is one of Australia's top vocal talents. Image: Facebook

Intent on creating a “chunky, groove-led kind of tune that sat in the world”, John engaged fellow members of the music industry to produce a memorable addition to the disco scene. Aided by the stunning vocal talents of Emily Williams, an expat from New Zealand, “What Am I Gonna Do” successfully executes a soulful number with a modern twist. In John’s words:

“I knew I always wanted a big diva voice”,

adding that Emily could “rip the roof off a room with her vocals”. With Emily’s voice adding a subtle undercurrent of intrigue to the track, there can be no doubt that she was the perfect choice to bring John Course’s latest vision to life.

For those looking for a different spin on this new track, there are two fantastic remixes available for your listening pleasure. The first is a reimagining by Nugroove featuring an amazingly energetic piano rendition that doubles down on the techno beats and the soulfulness of Emily’s voice. Rounding out the collection is a remix courtesy of the Melbourne's Rubber People, whose version caters to listeners seeking a more spirited disco vibe.

Connect with John Course: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud


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