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Track Review: 'Miracle' Rüfüs Du Sol Remix

Grammy-winning and beloved Australian band Rüfüs Du Sol has generously blessed us with an incredible remix, timed perfectly to provide a soundtrack to balmy summer nights and long, scenic road trips.

This time the Aussie trio have added a sprinkling of that Rüfüs Du Sol magic to Swiss duo Adriatique and Danish trio WhoMadeWho's 'Miracle' which was released under Rüfüs Du Sol's own label Rose Avenue Records in September.

Rüfüs Du Sol standing in desert
Vibes on point as always with Rüfüs Du Sol. Image: Facebook

In eight glorious minutes, this dreamy remix celebrates the original track, which features a dark and driving bassline well suited to a festival dancefloor, delivering a blissful and more low-key experience. The gorgeous and powerful Rüfüs Du Sol touch adds new depth to what was already a huge track, and indeed, this ability to evoke emotion could very well be the thing that has made the band so famous today.

Don't get me wrong, while the Rüfüs Du Sol remix of 'Miracle' evokes vivid mental images of summer sunsets casting its warm, enchanting glow over everything it touches, it's also a track that you could easily dance all night to as well. Much like waves in the ocean, this song will lift you up, carry you along and transport you to a place where all your problems will fade into insignificance.

Since their formation back in 2010, Rüfüs Du Sol has become one of the most famous and beloved bands in Australia and their popularity continues to grow around the world.

Need a Rüfüs Du Sol fix? Catch them live this summer with upcoing shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

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