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Track Review: Paluma 'Temperature'

As time steadily marches forward, we all occasionally find ourselves reminiscing about eras long gone...

If you do happen to find yourself yearning for a nostalgic journey with a fresh new take, Sunshine Coast Producer Paluma, delivers exactly that in his new track “Temperature”.

Black and white image of Paluma in sunglasses
Sunshine Coast Producer Paluma adds a touch of cool to a blast from the past in new track 'Temperature'

With a decade of honing his craft, Paluma has consistently kept dancefloors heaving across the South East of the country with his 'deep, delicate and delicious' Deep Tech and Minimal House sounds.

'Temperature' resurrects the spirit of the early 2000s, utilising Jamaican rapper and singer Sean Paul's famous vocals from his third number 1 charting single in the U.S of the same name. This reimagining gives us a chance to put on our (2023) cargo pants, and step back into the first decade of the 21st century while still keeping us grounded in the present.

Sean Paul's 2005 brought the heat to many a dancefloor with it's dancehall riddim 'Applause' and Paluma’s makeover cools things down with its effortless groove. The new mix puts a spin on a song that provides a solid nod to the previous iteration of the track, while giving it a new lease of life, putting it back in its rightful place in club and party DJ's arsenals as a certified energy booster on the dancefloor.

Paluma adds his own brand of deep/minimal tech to the nostalgic vocal sample with a rolling bassline and flawlessly executed drops. Like the original, the groove is infectious and you can easily see this track being a crowdpleaser.

Released under the label Glasgow Underground, this mix has already made its way onto DJ John Summit’s setlists, most recently at Koko in London and Space Miami. If you have a soft spot for the kind of remixes that transport you back to simpler times, as well as Paluma's previous offerings including the iconic 'LDN FERG (London Bridge)' or the collab with Paluma, Tyson O'Brien, and Kevin McKay, 'Rapture,' 'Temperature, is destined to be a cherished addition to your playlists.

With its rolling groove and a familiar, sing-along vocal hook, this track offers a delightful dose of nostalgia while infusing a fresh, modern energy into the mix.

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