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Track Review: Wongo ‘Power’

Gold Coast producer and DJ Mathew Ladgrove, a.k.a. Wongo returns with a club anthem for the summer titled ‘Power’ featuring Clare Rayner a.k.a. Rromarin, that absolutely slaps!

‘Power’ takes me back to the feels of Wongo’s earlier music. One track that comes to mind is from the 'Not for the Radio EP' titled ‘Her First Rave’ which was released back in 2020 with it's heavy synths and bass drops, albiet at lower BPMs. This latest offering evokes summer vibes, taking on the 2023 "old school rave" energy. Wongo has done a brilliant job with seamlessly transitioning synth and heavy hitting basslines with the overarching vocal and percussion. This is something he is famous for and does oh so well.

'Power' transports the listener to another dimension, starting with swirling synths progressing to a hard hitting bassline that makes you want to jump. The high tempo vocals will elevate any crowd, with an almost subliminal calling; ‘I know you really want to scream and make it louder, so you come on and make it big, give me some power.’ This track just pulsates constant energy that demands collaboration between DJ and audience through sound and movement.

Wongo with arms raised
Wongo brings the ‘Power’ with his latest track. Image: Facebook

Wongo has quite the celebrated career and is very much a man of many talents. Not only is he a successful producer, he also owns record label Box Of Cats, famous for unique house music and its black cat motif. He has his own radio show, event brand Need2Freak with another Gold Coast local Little Fritter and is also (a bit off the subject of music) a former professional five time Australian breakdance champion. A highly diversified musical artist, he has collaborated with countless international artists helping remix their work. One of his best known songs is ‘Groove Society’, a collaboration with Canadian artist A Trak back in 2021.

With further notable collaboration on tracks such as 'Apple' featuring Jade Alice released in 2022, which hit number one in the ARIA Club charts and notched up the most played spot on Triple J and 'Fireball' released in 2021 featuring Ruby Du, which peaked at number five on the Top 50 Aria Club charts.

'Power' marks another successful release for Wongo after the catchy and club ready single 'Da Da Da' released earlier this year. 'Power' is a track to rave about and rave to!

You can catch Wongo live and loud at Listen Out.

Connect with Wongo:Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud


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