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Barbuto's Guest Mix

Electronic Music Australia ep.67 aired 25 July 2023

Better late than never - here is the much awaited July guest mix from the incredible Barbuto!

Sydney born Barbuto had a upbringing influenced by various cultures owing to his parents' nomadic lifestyle. This lead him to being an adventurer as well, and in the late 1990's, he landed in Northern California. At that time he was a professional cyclist!

In California, he found himself drawn into the club and DJing scene at the time, ultimately inspiring him to start DJing himself. He immersed himself into music, evolving the Barbuto brand, sounds and starting his own record lable Mavic Music. He has built a loyal following in the USA, where he was based for 25 years.

Returning to Australia marked a significant moment of homecoming for Barbuto. He has reengaged with the local music scene, and is shining a spotlight on homegrown talent, a mission that is close to our hearts here at Electronic Music Australia. With his huge international following, his label Mavic champions Aussie artists giving them a platform on a global stage.

Barbuto's unrelenting passion for music has led him to produce tracks that defy genres and resonates with audiences worldwide. And the best part? He shows no signs of slowing down. With Australia as his playground and the world as his audience, Barbuto's ongoing journey is one we will certainly be watching!

Speaking of music, here is Barbuto's exclusive guest mix for Electronic Music Australia. This is an ALL AUSTRALIAN mix full of producers you need to know. It will have you on your feet in no time!

Make sure you follow Barbuto and Mavic music to stay up to date with latest releases and gigs. Barbuto hits the Gold Coast on October 7 - watch this space for details.


Barbuto Guest Mix Playlist

  1. Keep the Faith - Michele De Conti

  2. Dance Oww - Emlyn BPM

  3. Body Sweat - Rory Marshall, Yanzo

  4. That’s For Mr - Angel de Miguel

  5. This is Acid - Barbuto

  6. Just Click - Barbuto, Nick Reverse

  7. Introspection - Paul The Horse

  8. Symbiosis - Ravi Luchesi

  9. Tabouli and Techno - Jody 6

  10. Stained Glass - Barbuto

  11. Going Deeper - Barbuto

  12. Overdrive - LeStrange

  13. Close Your Eyes - Fromellie


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