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Dopamine machine: New sounds for your wellbeing

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.63 aired 20 June 2023

For some time now I have been fascinated by what seems to be a huge number of "new" tracks released that are remakes or remixes of old tracks. Similarly, in 2022, old songs represented 70 percent of the music market in the United States. I can't help but ask myself - why the obsession with nostalgia? It may be that familiar music triggers warm and fuzzy memories of the past, something that was perhaps particularly comforting during the pandemic and the uncertain times that followed. A positive response to a song you love triggers a dopamine response, as well as other feel-good chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin. Our brains get conditioned to that good feeling, and we love those chemicals so much, we don't even need to hear the whole thing for a familar song to make them start flowing again.

There's no doubt then that great music of the past is an important part of our listening soundscape, reminding us of good times, and making us feel downright great. But what about new music that we haven't explored before? Are there any benefits to stepping out of our comfort zones and and listening to something new? New music stimulates different areas of our brains, including information processing and memory, but here's the thing, listening to new music can expand that delightful dopamine high because our brains form new connections between the novel sounds we encounter and the dopamine release. What's that? New music could actually make us feel even better than familiar sounds?

Committed to making you feel good, Electronic Music Australia is a dedicated platform to seeking out and sharing as much original, new and exciting Australian music with you as possible. You're welcome! Igniting the pleasure centers of your brain this week, From Sydney/ Eora, Skeleten with "Territory Day," the second single from his upcoming debut album, "Under Utopia." The album is set to release on Friday, July 28, through Astral People Recordings / 2MR. This captivating track showcases Skeleten's utterly hypnotic sound. The track draws inspiration from the holiday celebrated in Australia's Northern Territory of the same name, which was the day that the Northern Territory was granted self governance. Apparently they had been trying for decades to rule themselves! This was a really big deal for the locals because being self-governed meant they would finally be able to purchase their own land. Territory Day is celebrated every year in the Northern Territory and the track of the same names encapsulates a spirit of celebration and magic moments on the dancefloor. "Territory Day" is from Skeleten's debut album, "Under Utopia," which is out on July 28.

Listen to episode 63 of Electronic Music Australia here, on YouTube and Rumble

Self Tape's "Addicted to Your Love" featured on episode 54 of Electronic Music Australia. He's back on EMA with "Over the Hill" which is the lead single of his second album. Self Tape has a distinctive sound that could easily appeal to both mainstream and underground loving audiences. Check out the video for "Over the Hill" on YouTube.

The June guest mix was from Melbourne producer Charles Oliver. His track "Enter Transition" off his album "A Glimpse From The Other Side" featured in this week's show. He has his debut live set on July 8, at Angel Music Bar in Melbourne. You can grab a ticket here. Another amazing guest mix, and the first of our Artist Showcase Series, LJ MASE also featured this week with his new single "Take Our Time" featuring Tailor.

As we embark on episode 63 of Electroni Music Australia, let the basslines be your guiding force, propelling you towards a heightened state of bliss and inner harmony. Let the dopamine machine carry you away and unlock the boundless potential of sound for your soul's nourishment. Don't forget the full playlist for episode 63 can be found at the bottom of this post.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night at 11pm AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro.

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1. Skeleten – Territory Day (Radio Edit)

2. LJ Mase ft Tailor – Take Our Time (Radio Mix)

3. Sekond Skin – U Got My Heart (Radio Edit)

4. Self Tape – Over the hill

5. LION – Not Your Fetish (Ruffloaderz Remix)

6. Golden Features – Flesh (Original Mix)

7. Jackzz – Head Top

8. Unknown Concept – Aurora (Original Mix)

9. Charles Oliver – Enter Transition (Radio Edit)

10. DJ WHIPR SNIPR & IOK – She Said

11. Che Jose – Calling (Run Away)

12. Caravana Sun – Moments


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