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Worldwide Connection: The Electronic Music Australia International Network is Live

Electronic Music Australia ep.64 aired 27 June 2023

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Pajak, Founder of based in San Francisco,USA. Kevin is another enomously passionate music fan with a mission to share eclectic and incredible electronic music of all genres to fans. Like Electronic Music Australia, Electrofans is a combination of a blog and mixes, focussing on all genres of electronic music, dialled into the underground. From this chat, the Electronic Music Australia International Network was formed.

This network is part of a wider effort to both amplify Australian music on a global scale, as well as help bring to you underground artists from other parts of the world through collaborating with like-minded people, sites and brands worldwide that share our passion for music. Through our collective efforts, we strive to nurture a thriving and diverse electronic music community, celebrating the rich tapestry of sounds and talents both in Australia and throughout the world. You may spot EMA sharing some posts from across our feeds, so please do show your support for Kevin's great work. If you would like to be a part of the EMA International Network, get in touch with EMA via the contact page.

Listen to episode 64 here, on YouTube, Rumble and Apple Podcasts.

Introducing SF Fudge, based in Meanjin (Brisbane), is an electronic music producer and DJ who's passion for music ignited when he acquired the deluxe version of Flume's self-titled album, which included a lite version of Ableton. SF Fudge draws inspiration from various genres within electronic dance music, from 90's techno to UKG. Influenced by artists such as Mall Grab, Peggy Gou, X Club, Stüm, and Pretty Girl, SF Fudge aims to blend spirited synths, rolling basslines, and layers that fluctuate unpredictably, resulting in a chaotic yet beautiful interpretation of electronic music. His debut single 'We Get Annoyed,' features in episode 64 of EMA.

Ky's pick this episode came form Melbourne producer LOIF. LOIF's interpretation of the enigmatic world beneath the ocean's surface, a four track EP aptly titled 'Plunge' requires no verbal explanation; instead, it invites you to envision it through your ears. This EP traverses through different genres and emotions, a journey through the depths and rhythms of techno, electro, bass, breaks, and psy, all tied together by a buoyant warmth that evokes the spirit of oceanic exploration and dance floor grooves. Title track 'Plunge' featured in this episode. With a down tempo and spaced out vibe, this track is sure to transport you to...somehwere.

In anticipation of the July guest mix by Sydney producer Barbuto, we couldn't resist featuring Barbuto's peak time techno offering 'Stained Glass' in this episode. This mere glimpse into the Barbuto's work leaves us very excited for the upcoming guest mix on July 25.

These are just a few of the amazing artists in this episode, you can check out the full playlist for episode 64 at the bottom of this post.

Episode 64 took us on a thrilling journey, starting with peaktime energy gradually transitioning into down tempo and chilled-out ambience. What a ride! Meanwhile, the start of the Electronic Music Australia International Network is an exciting opportunity to connect with a global community, bringing music lovers and artists together from different corners of the world. It's a testament to the power of music, bridging gaps and fostering collaboration beyond borders. As always, thank you for being a part of the Electronic Music Australia journey and for sharing this blog to your music-loving networks.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night at 11pm AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro.

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1. Data Roaming – Resonate

2. Relevant Elephants - Looney Friend

3. Barbuto – Stained Glass

4. SF Fudge – We Get Annoyed

5. Lucas Boston – Check The Scoreboard

6. Spacey Space– Restricted feat

7. Jamie Lowe – All That

8. Kokiri & Husky – You [Got IT All]

9. Dual Manner – Breathe In Breathe Out

10. Lance Gurisik – Quanta

11. LOIF – Plunge

12. Blood Circle – Heal


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