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Breaking Free from Limbo - Perth's Fran Inspires with New Single

I challenge you to recall a moment when a piece of art captivated your attention, not in wonder, but with the overwhelming thought that you could have replicated it yourself. It's easy to pick apart the elements of a painting when you can see exactly what was done to it. When you can examine every curve, dot and line. Even while, frankly, there's an extremely high chance that you couldn't recreate the piece, there's a tangibility to visual art that makes it always seem achievable.

And then there's music. Like plenty of others, Perth DJ and producer Fran was tied down by the idea that music can feel like an impossibility. Unlike visual art, we don’t get to see the production process of a song; it can be difficult to envision the magic. Many people can draw, but how many can make a song?

Those who are driven enough can learn, and at 49, Fran’s passion and drive to create music only continued to grow. When she discovered she could make music with just her computer at home, she began to experiment. Although taking inspiration from a variety of artists, it has always been important that her music is unapologetically Fran, compelling her to play around with unique selections of sounds and filters.

Fran in yellow shoes
Fran's kicking down stereotypes, one hit after another. Image: Supplied

Fran proves that it’s truly never too late as her music has gained national recognition with a WAM ‘song of the year’ nomination and radio play across Australia (even achieving an entry into Triple H 96.5FM’s ‘Best track review list 2022’). As if these achievements weren’t impressive enough, Fran’s music has taken center stage in a feature film.

In a culmination of two years of painstaking refinement and with a number of self releases under her belt, her latest single ’Limbo’ has been released via electronic music label Sorta Kinda Music. This marks an exciting breakthrough for her and the label as the release truly accentuates Fran’s artistic prowess.

Refusing to conform to any set genre, Fran formulates the intended emotion of her songs in any way she sees fit. Limbo’s uplifting beat exemplifies a successive move away from a toxic relationship described by Fran herself as, “moving out of that waiting place”. Realising that trust stems from someone's actions rather than words, propelled a journey of self healing and empowerment that Fran remarkably encapsulates through the lyrics of ‘Limbo’.

To anybody who feels stuck in their own toxic relationship or are in the stages of moving on from

one, I would definitely recommend a listen of Fran’s artistic depiction of the emotions you may

be feeling. If you are just an enjoyer of groovy house music, this is certainly a danceable track

you would not want to miss out on- it may be worth giving the extended version a listen for more

of Fran’s catchy house beat!

Fran’s story is not just a personal triumph, but acts as a wonderful inspiration for anyone facing challenges in following their passions. Her campaign serves as an influential narrative, stepping away from the stereotypical norm and pushing others to persevere in their creative endeavors. Fran’s universal themes profoundly connect with her listeners, offering a feeling of strength and resilience to those who may feel deterred.

Having garnered undeniable success with her past releases (and her amazing new track), we

are all super excited to see where Fran can go. What I can really appreciate about Fran is that

her music stands out amongst a grand pool of impersonators; whatever upcoming project is in

the works, we can all be sure that Fran’s unique vocals and melodies are here to stay. Her

abiding spirit of artistic expression is one to be celebrated and it surely won’t stop here.

Connect with Fran here: Spotify I Instagram I Facebook I SoundCloud I TikTok


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About the Author

Multiple studies show that playing music while you work is distracting. While no one can really deny this fact- I’m sure many, including me, turn a blind eye to this. In 2022 I moved from Singapore to Melbourne for university. I had never given much thought to the music scene here, I was convinced that the UK and the US had the format down and we unfortunately did not. How quickly I was proven wrong. The Australian sound grew on me quickly and I soon came to realise how underrepresented we are in the music scene. As a passionate writer and music fanatic, it is great to get involved with underground artists and give them the limelight they truly deserve.

- Rex Pollard  Facebook | Instagram 


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