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The Year Of The Rabbit

Electronic Music Australia ep.42 aired 17 January 2023

Sunday, January 22 marks the Lunar or Chinese New Year. I just love the vibrant celebrations of the Lunar New Year, the moon cakes, the lantern festival, and the dragon dances. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is the year of the Water Rabbit, and because the Rabbit represents great things like peace and prosperity, 2023 is expected to be a good year! In Chinese culture, it is a good idea to clean your home at this time to get rid of bad luck. After all, nothing beats a good decluttering to give you renewed energy and hope. What else has delivered renewed energy and hope is a bucketload of brand new, quality Australian music. Perhaps it is going to be a good year after all!

Some notable mentions this week include Adult Art Club from Melbourne. This duo is exploring experimental electro dance, which is super fun. Their track "Shaded Blu," featured on the show, with its somewhat sinister vibe and creative use of samples, is definitely one I would love to hear out on a dark dancefloor somewhere. On the subject of sinister vibes, Adelaide DJ TR!P kicks off the show with a tantalising vampire-inspired track called "Strigoi," which features Romainian folklore-inspired samples. Why not? For any aspiring vampires out there, this might be the soundtrack you've always desired. For everyone else, lean into something different!

If you're more into soulful vocals and a very sexy bassline groove, you might fall in love with the RUSA Remix of Melbourne rapper DL's 'Lost an Angel featuring James Franklin.' This track was co-written with Rai Thistlethwayte of Thirsty Merc fame. For more groovy and smooth vibes, Cliff Colada's 'The Go Down' is an absolute bop and features the wonderful sounds of the didgeridoo. Something else special about this track is that all sales of 'The Go Down' go directly to the Aboriginal Legal Service who assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in legal matters and connect them to other support services. Contribute to an amazing cause and add to your music library by grabbing your copy of 'The Go Down' here.

Listen to EMA episode 42 here

Finally, while I'm not on board with every nostalgic rework, this one is an absolute cracker. It's Joey Tuckshop and his remix of the Icehouse classic 'Great Southern Land'. Iconic! I hope you enjoy the Lunar New Year celebrations if you do partake and that this week's episode of EMA gets you bopping.

EMA is back next Tuesday, 24 January 2023 on Radio Metro with the January guest mix from Mixed Methods!! Can't wait to catch you then for an hour of Housey goodness from an absolute top notch human, as well as incredible DJ, Producer, Nurse, Mum, super woman...and more. Make sure you tune in at 11pm AEST which you can do from anywhere in the world via the Radio Metro website and app.

Gong hei fat choy!

Ky Mi x



  1. DJ TR!P – Strigoi

  2. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

  3. Kase Kochen, Chamberlain - To Traverse an Eternal Void (SIDETRKT Remix)

  4. Adult Art Club – Shaded Blu

  5. Lastlings – Get What You Want (Vintage Culture Remix)

  6. DL – Lost an Angel (RUSA Remix) feat. James Franklin

  7. Icehouse- Great Southern Land (Joey Tuckshop Remix)

  8. Archie Versace - Fired Up (Mark Maxwell Instrumental)

  9. Heizer – Let It Go

  10. Confidence Man – Toy Boy (RAW SILK Remix)

  11. Touch Sensitive – Joy In The Morning (Feat. Chrome Sparks)

  12. Cliff Colada – The Go Down

  13. Maver – Loose Ends


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