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Track Review: 1tbsp ‘Moth Love’

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Insects are often overlooked in the marvelous network of life forms. We tend to favour those

associated with freedom and beauty, like the dear butterfly. In all the butterfly’s glory, it is easy to

forget about their underappreciated cousin- the feeble moth. Fortunately for them, Maxwell

Byrne, aka “1tbsp”, grants them a spot in the limelight with his new single ‘Moth Love’.

1tbsp in field
For the love of moths. 1tbsp. Image: Facebook

Maxwell Byrne is following up on his popular project, Golden Vessel with a whole new sound.

His answer to the world’s desperate wails for indie-house/dance was his off-the-wall venture

“1tbsp”. Having released his album 'Mosquito Love' earlier this year, we are treated to the B

side release- building his insect empire one step at a time.

If there was a track that had the possibility of melting your brain, it would be this one- in the best

way possible. Byrne weaves the techno elements through a serene sea of liquid house. It’s feel

good nature derives from its most whimsical synths, seasoned with comforting vocals. The lyrics

of the song, despite depicting bugs crawling on the face of the singer, are positive and loving.

When it comes to dance music, it’s easy to get caught up in the formulaic style but Byrne offers

such wacky and unique concepts that are so hard not to love. This song is so catchy, it has

rightfully earned its place as my favourite release from this project thus far.

Whether you love them or hate them, I am sure this bop has bumped insects up the popularity

pyramid just a smidge. There is no doubt that Byrne is an extremely talented artist, successfully

nailing two genres with two different projects is impressive. I feel confident in stating we are all

eager to see what Byrne’s plan is for 1tbsp- spiders don’t have the best reputation so they may

be in need of assistance there!

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About the Author

Multiple studies show that playing music while you work is distracting. While no one can really deny this fact- I’m sure many, including me, turn a blind eye to this. In 2022 I moved from Singapore to Melbourne for university. I had never given much thought to the music scene here, I was convinced that the UK and the US had the format down and we unfortunately did not. How quickly I was proven wrong. The Australian sound grew on me quickly and I soon came to realise how underrepresented we are in the music scene. As a passionate writer and music fanatic, it is great to get involved with underground artists and give them the limelight they truly deserve.

- Rex Pollard Facebook | Instagram

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