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Track Review: Julien 'UAP - (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)'

An astronaut gazes into the abyss of space, about to pass through a portal into the unknown...

Melbourne guitarist, producer and artist Julien sets the tone in his new psytrance track UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) with officials debating over confessions of navy pilots’ experiencing UAP's (which is the new name for UFOs in case you were wondering), touching on recent media attention over the possibility of Alien encounters being real.

Album Cover for UAP by Julien
UAP encounters may not be rare or isolated. Image: Supplied

The song starts with an eerie chord progression which builds to a classic psytrance drop. Julien creates a high energy beat and bassline that at around 145bpm should get your blood pumping. There's some nicely timed muted sections, and stereophonic delayed vocals reminding us that we are “out of this world” and, of course “Extra-terrestrials”. Listening on headphones, it's a nice quality mix with punchy kicks that we all want, especially in psytrance.

It's clear that Julien puts a lot of care and passion into his craft. The Hi-Hats are crisp and layered, the snare sits right in the pocket and synths nicely cut through. The mix is solid, with all the sounds blending harmoniously, making this song a very enjoyable ride into outer space.

At its core Julien 'UAP - (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)' is a track built for the bush doof dancefloor, full of classic psytrance sounds. It's a fast paced and of course, psychedelic, incorporating plenty of atmospheric effects, and those sci-fi samples. Are there aliens? Maybe they're already here, stomping away in dark and smoky dancefloors.

If you like high energy psytrance or progressive trance, chances are, you'll really like UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). If you haven't yet ventured into this realm of electronic music yet, give it a go, maybe when you're on your morning run or looking for a little extra energy.

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