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Track Review: Random Soul ‘Hypnotize Me’ (2023 Rework)

It’s heating up this season, and I’m not talking about El Niño. Each year there is a track that we find that shapes our reality during the warmer seasons and the endless possibilities within the new chapter in our lives. Then when we hear that song in the future it instantly brings us back to that beautiful moment in time. Random Soul's 2023 rework and remix of ‘Hypnotize me’ is that type of song.

Random Soul are a Sydney duo comprising of DJ / Producers Yogi and Husky. They teamed up after working at the same record store in Sydney. They got to talking music and shortly after began collaborating in Yogis studio, and as they say, the rest is history. Their latest ‘From The Vault’ release is a rework/remix of their 2011 track ‘Hypnotize Me’.

Two men smiling
Partners in soul, Yogi and Husky are Sydney's Random Soul. Image: Facebook

‘Hypnotize Me’ entrances your body to move through its driving drum textures, rhythms and thumping bass line. However, though the track makes you move through its rhythmic features. It’s the Harmonic and melodic features that drive the track, opening up your psyche. Yogi's luscious vocals singing titillating lyrics over the fresh bouncy chords, build you up giving you a sense of confidence within any decision you make while this track is on. As the Track rises with sweeps and other elements, it transitions to a smooth delicate sax solo. The organic timbre drives that funky soul feel.

In my eyes, ‘Hypnotize Me' encapsulates the sensation of being on a holiday in a tropical paradise, with a cocktail in hand, by the beach, on the dance floor, and living in the purest moment. Random Soul's signature sound is the fusion blend of organic sounds and instrumentation in their electronic soundscape. This balance is achieved through Yogi's vocals, complex instrumentation and Husky's mixing sorcery to encapsulate the soul of both organic and digital textures.

The ‘From The Vault: Hypnotize Me’ also features two Sydney DJ/Producers, Knight Horse and James Alexndr adding their own distinct flavours to 'Hypnotize Me', bringing some different takes to Random Soul's summer anthem.

Connect with Random Soul: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud


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About the Author

Robert Vaughan (Bards Produced) Is a Music Producer, Radio Broadcaster and Journalist from the South Coast of Australia. Graduating University with a Major in Creative Arts (Music) and a minor in Philosophy in 2022. He loves all forms of music, and learning the historical, artistic and psychological aspects, that make music special to the listener. As a youth he followed numerous Australian underground scenes relating to the genres of Rap and Metal. During his experiences as a student and artist to further his craft. He found the passion of other styles and genres of music, Including Electronic Dance Music. Through his studies he found the scientific and cultural relevance of Electronic Music, as well as its impact by Australian Artists. Now he wishes to help Australian Artists, through the medium of Journalism.


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