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Track Review: RUSTY 'Dangerous'

‘Dangerous’ is a feel-good bop that makes your body move while entrancing your soul in a state of optimism and euphoria. Drawing inspiration from influences like Fred Again, RUSTY has created summer bliss with ‘Dangerous’.

RUSTY sitting on a flight of stairs
Artist: RUSTY Image: Supplied

Representing Adelaide, Australia, RUSTY has only recently stepped onto the Australian electronic music scene, but has already started making big moves. With only four releases in 2023, RUSTY has achieved over 60,000 Spotify streams, over a thousand social media followers and radio plays on multiple stations around Australia.

RUSTY's drive for music is inspired by his experiences battling with the after-effects of COVID back in 2022. Although it took a toll on him physically, it hasn't stopped him from pursuing his dreams as a Songwriter, Producer and DJ. His passion for all things music and his love of life can be seen in his work and his record label ‘Sunlit Records’, where he aims to create a platform for young, up-and-coming artists.

RUSTY DANGEROUS album artwork
RUSTY's latest single 'Dangerous' released Jan 2024. Image: Supplied

Through ‘Dangerous’, RUSTY has created a sound and vibe that I would describe as euphoric optimism. At the beginning of the track, you are serenaded by luscious vocals, enticing you to listen on until...BOOM! The track rises and you are hit with a wave of positive energy that makes both body and soul groove. RUSTY's bouncy chord progression and rising arpeggiated synths create a beautiful blend of rhythm and harmony. These elements drive the soul of the track, but it's his vocal chops and use of effects that are the real secret sauce, creating all of the richest textures heard in ‘Dangerous’.

For this reason, my first listening of ‘Dangerous’ had me itching to hear it in the club with a ton of lights and a fog machine (perhaps even played on an outdoor set to complete the fantasy). As a listener, RUSTY forces these images to pop into your head. His songs beg for personal interpretation. And, although I can picture the pinnacle for how I want to hear ‘Dangerous’, it’s also been a perfect, head-bopping soundtrack whenever I'm in my car or when hyping me up during a run. Definitely add this good time banger to your playlist if you’re a fan of Dance-Pop.

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About the Author

Robert Vaughan (Bards Produced) is a Music Producer, Radio Broadcaster and Journalist from the South Coast of Australia. Graduating University with a Major in Creative Arts (Music) and a minor in Philosophy in 2022. He loves all forms of music, and learning the historical, artistic and psychological aspects, that make music special to the listener. As a youth he followed numerous Australian underground scenes relating to the genres of Rap and Metal. During his experiences as a student and artist to further his craft. He found the passion of other styles and genres of music, Including Electronic Dance Music. Through his studies he found the scientific and cultural relevance of Electronic Music, as well as its impact by Australian Artists. Now he wishes to help Australian Artists, through the medium of Journalism.


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