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Track Review: Shutterdre 'Life, Again'

Music can sometimes sit on the periphery of our consciousness, a mere background to the chaos of life, the work, study, or exercise soundtrack that you're not fully aware of. Sometimes, however, a track comes along that you listen to, and I mean, really listen to, and before you know it, you've stopped all else and become fully immersed in it.

Shutterdre headshot
Emotive drum and bass. Melbourne's Shutterdre. Image: Supplied

This was my experience when listening to Melbourne producer Shutterdre's liquid drum and bass track 'Life, Again'. Shutterdre is a multi-talented artist, producer, photographer, and more. With a diverse range of creative pursuits, his artistic prowess shines through in every element of 'Life, Again'.

The vibe of 'Life, Again' is mellow and soothing, with a hint of melancholy. Inspired by the recovery period after a challenging relationship, the vibe is reflective, relatable and, emotional reflecting Shutterdre's own journey of self-discovery. The female vocal reflects, 'I don't know why I'm here' and I think in 2023, many of us wonder the same thing from time to time. At least, I do anyway. This isn't a sad story though, it's a story of triumph, growth and finding ourselves. 'Life Again' is an invitation to rise up out of the ashes, becoming a better and stronger version of yourself.

The track adds to Shutterdre's collection of drum and bass productions and is a departure from some of the heavier drum and bass he has produced. It's a breath of fresh air, and Shutterdre's ability as a producer is properly on show here.

If he's not writing captivating drum and bass, he's working on a forthcoming novel titled 'Self', completing an upcoming album (watch this space) and guest writing for Electronic Music Australia! Not one to shy away from rolling up his sleeves and throwing himself wholeheartedly into his creative pursuits, Shutterdre is definitely someone to keep both your eyes and ears on.

Amidst the chaos and noise of life, there are times where it's nice, no, essential to simply take pause and immerse yourself completely in an experience. Let 'Life, Again' give you a little over four minutes of reprieve from the chaos. Lose (and find) yourself with 'Life, Again'.

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