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Track Review: Touch Sensitive ft. Your Smith ‘Telephone Line’

If you haven’t had your fair share of experience with unrequited love, don’t you worry, chances are your time will come. It’s no coincidence that a huge majority of the art we create focuses on wanting someone who doesn’t want us back. No doubt it’s a wide-spread experience. And sure, it’s not a great feeling, but on the brightside it’s given us some gooood tunes. Touch Sensitive’s new single “Telephone Line” ft. Your Smith is funk-flavoured proof that dancing and scream-singing along to good music can be a wildly effective form of therapy. Plus - much more cost efficient than seeing a shrink!

Touch Sensitive, A.K.A Michael Di Francesco, is a Sydney hailing synth wizard. The veteran producer, DJ, live performer and festival favourite brings together funk, boogie, disco, jazz-fusion and house influences to create a satisfying blend of retro nostalgia and modernity. Collaborating with US artist Your Smith is a sure-fire way to craft a hit. If you don’t believe me, ask Rejjie Snow, Flight Facilities, or even Lizzo. Her hooks and delivery have infectious charisma and carry an artful balance of playfulness and emotion. These two have brought out the best in each other’s artistry in “Telephone Line,” matching each other’s energy and feeding into an undeniable groove.

Touch Sensitive
Touch Sensitive dishes out the funk. (Image: Soundcloud)

Touch Sensitive doesn’t hesitate to amp up the energy with this track, it’s straight in with Your Smith on the hook over a whirling sea of 80s synths. An ambient dial tone rings out, adding dimension and painting a nostalgic picture of old-school puppy love. A minimal dose of high hat and a raw, unfiltered clap track builds suspense as Your Smith gives solace to hopeless romantics everywhere through relatable lyricism.

You can always count on Touch Sensitive to come through with a rich, funky bass line and an effortlessly groovy guitar sound. He pays homage to his retro influences with sci-fi synths reminiscent of a star wars shoot out and flirty disco synth stabs that add a classic 70’s touch. Throughout the track the funk level escalates, coming to a climax in the last hook with Your Smith’s expressive vocal runs and a ridiculously funky guitar solo from Touch Sensitive. Warm, energetic drums blend with bright and glittery synths to uphold that buttery bass-line. These elements are woven together so wonderfully, working with Your Smith’s contagious melody to infect us all with the funk.

No matter how awful it feels to be in the throws of unrequited love, at least there are tracks like “Telephone Line” to help us through. This is a tune to scream along to with your friends and release all that pent up frustration. “Telephone Line” is an invitation to realise when your time is being wasted on someone, and to free up that energy for a bit of extra self-love this summer.

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