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20 Episodes of EMA

Electronic Music Australia ep.20 & 21 aired 22 & 29 July 2022

I've just returned from a whirlwind trip to Edinburgh, London, and Spain so forgive the brevity of this post and it's lateness. I will return to the normal blog posts this Wednesday.

I hope you enjoy the '20 Episodes of EMA' special, which spanned across two episodes because there's just been so much fantastic music on the show it just couldn't be squeezed into one hour. Thank you Damo Cox for your expert mixing skills, thank you, reader / listener, for supporting EMA so far and thank you to the amazing artists who feature on the show! I hope you enjoy this two hour mix of Australian goodies and great moments from the past 20 shows.

This Wednesday I will upload the recording of the 'Yeah the girls' all female special which aired last Friday night. You can listen to past episodes of EMA on Mixcloud and SoundCloud and most of them on YouTube (but YouTube blocks some for copywrite infringement unfortunately).

Tune in to Electronic Music Australia every Friday night from middnight AEST (which is around 3pm GMT) on 105.7 Radio Metro which you can stream from anywhere in the world.

Nos vemos!

Ky Mi x


1 Ed Harrison - Imbrium (REAVENCODE Remix)

2 For Life - U Wana

3 Graham Dunn - Sand Crisis

4 Barney In The Tunnel - Egg of Sunday

5 Doppel - Drama (Eucalyptych Mix)

6 De Saint - Zephyr (Tara Bloom Remix)

7 Damo Cox - Spoil Me

8 Kase Kochen - Void Of Course (Rainbird Remix)

9 Sarco - Bounce

10 Che Jose - Your love (be alone)

11 Spyrax - Alchemic Wumbology

12 Max Durham - Bad Boy Boogie

13 jamesjamesjames - Glimji

14 Rainbird - Extinction

15 Olympic Pool Maintenance League - Antipodean Logic

16 DJ BIG GUNS - miss unavailable

17 Black Loops & James Pepper - Three Drops

18 Bri & Si - Going To Goa

19 Sekond Skin - Real Vibes

20 Petrichor - Stuck in a dream

21 Dark Mode - Salvia Katana (Scott Stevenson Remix)

22 Native Dog - Al Dente

23 Cousin - A Message From Q

24 Skitzoid - Sketchy

25 Dysphemic - Comet Chaser

26 Formidian - Celestial Body

27 The Safety Word - Hiways (Instrumental Rework)

28 Iron Gate Sound - Truth A Truth - Subset remix

29 Dysphemic - RAKI BEATS

30 Ceccato - All I Need Is You

31 Dan Muz - Running

32 DÉ SAINT - Girl DJ

33 Kuni, Tom Baker - The Rabbit Hole

34 Sharmonic - Potions


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