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Airport Musings and Music

Electronic Music Australia ep.27 aired 9 September 2022

A middle-aged man clutches an electric kettle box with both hands….but why? It’s just a basic brand of kettle, the type you’d find at Kmart or BigW, not even a fancy expensive one with temperature settings like you’d find at Myer of David Jones. Maybe there’s something else inside the box, and not a basic $19.95 kettle. But if it’s not, why is this man in the security line at the airport with a cheap kettle? Why is he holding it so eagerly? Where are his bags? I have so many questions.

My attention returns to the line in front of me. What’s the hold up? A very tiny, very elderly couple are carefully placing their belongings in the trays preparing to go through security. It’s as if they move in slow motion, as they gingerly pick through their items. They’re both maybe 5 foot tall, both with short wispy grey hair and they even have matching walking sticks. His pants or trousers as I am sure they would call them, are up super high. I simply can’t be annoyed with them as they are just adorable, and besides, that might be me one day. It might be you, who knows?

At the gate, a baby cries, the type of cry that they seem to reserve for planes, cinemas, restaurants - you know the one, it’s a desperate, ear-piercing shriek that they can somehow continue with for hours on end. Elsewhere a noisy child repeats the same phrase over and over. Something about crossing fingers, it’s just nonsense. I see the cute old couple again, all that to get through airport security and they’re not even catching a plane, they’ve met someone at the gate. Bless.

The plane boards when it was supposed to depart and we’re finally in the air forty minutes after the scheduled departure time. “For your convenience, there are two lavatories on this plane…” regurgitates the flight attendant over the speakers as she has done a bazillion times before. For our convenience? I’d say it’s for their convenience because with no toilets on board, their job would be a whole lot more difficult, you’d think. Time to put on some music me thinks, and what better than EMA episode 27?

To date, you’ve heard some fantastic premiers on the show, including DE SAINT’s ‘Girl DJ’, now steadily climbing the ARIA charts and this episode we had Sydney producer and Bobbin’ Records label head, Husky and Lee Wilson with their new party tune 'Uptown.

Queenslander Get Funked (Scotty Richens) is a veteran of the industry selecting tunes since the 1990's and with an impressive back catalogue of tunes that he's produced. His track 'Set Me Free' featured in this episode of EMA. The latest from Harpoon, 'Darker Days', is an uplifting House tune that you'll be singing along to in no time. I opened the show with a remix of one of my favourite tracks, 'Nothin' But Chi' from Thankyou City. It's the Boy With Kuch Chimix and it's just lurvely!

Listen to EMA here or on SoundCloud

Touchdown Townsville, Queensland home of a military base, some longhorn cattle and 300 sunny days a year!

As always, if you are a Producer and would like to be featured on EMA, simply submit your original, mastered tracks here or add me to your promo list - send me a message via the contact section of the website and I’ll send you my email address for promo.

I’m taking a wee break from the blog and socials due to conflicting work and life pressures, but the show will go on, so make sure you tune in on Friday nights / Saturday mornings at midnight AEST 105.7 Radio Metro. Don’t forget that you can stream the show from wherever you are in the world online so jump on and keep me company on Friday nights!

Off to balance my Chi,

Ky Mi x


1. Thankyou City – Nothin’ But Chi (Boy With Kuch Chimix)

2. Freq Zero – Sundown

3. MOT – Arguing in a club

4. Gilsun – Terminus

5. DJ Life & Reflex Blue – Shuttle Bug

6. Get Funked – Set Me Free

7. Husky & L ee Wilson – Uptown

8. Harpoon – Darker Days (Extended Mix)

9. Airwolf Paradise – Don’t Hurt Me Baby (Adelphi Music Factory Dub)

10. Bag Raiders – Way Back Home



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