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An Interview With What So Not

Electronic Music Australia ep.19 aired 11 July 2022 & 15 July 2022


Once at our old time and again by popular demand at our BRAND NEW TIME on Friday night at midnight until 1am Saturday morning. I hope you love this new time as much as I do, thank you to those of you who made the effort to tune in at 3am, you are the OG Electronic Music Australia family and I really appreciate you.

Let's get down to brass tacks. There were THREE premiers last week, unreleased and exclusive to EMA. Thanks so much to the artists who sent these through, there's nothing I love more than an inbox full of delicious new Aussie music. Submit tracks here.

The first was from the Sunny Coast's DÉ SAINT. called 'Girl DJ'. My prediction is we'll be seeing this techy, sexy dance floor heater in the top of the ARIA club charts in the not-so-distant future. Release date - September 2.

'Running' from Byron Bay local Dan Muz has a hauntingly beautiful melody and vocals while the bassline keeps me grooving. I've been calling this one a club track with heart. It will be out on July 28 via Sorta Kinda Music.

Damo Cox is back with 'Wasting Time'. With a nice earwormy vocal overlaying Damo Cox's signature sound full of quirky textures and squelchy synths, ah, don't waste time, just listen to the mix! The expected release date for 'Wasting Time' is August 23.

Other new music included the latest from Bri & Si 'Going to Goa'. I think this might be my favourite track to date from the Queensland pair of sonic adventurers. Make sure you check out the gorgeous video via the link above too.

And of course, last week I was blessed to have some time with Emoh Instead who is What So Not, more below about that.

Listen here

What So Not's latest single 'Mr Regular' featuring vocals from Oliver Tree and Killer Mike was released in May this year after delays in the release due to alleged issues with Oliver Tree. It has been speculated however, that these issues were hype generation in the lead up to the release and as such fabricated. Either way, the track was met with enthusiasm by fans and critics alike. The track is off ' Anomaly ' his second album after 2018's 'All The Beautiful Things' and is set for release on September 16.

In the interview, we talk about how the COVID pandemic affected him as an artist, and some of the benefits of being forced to slow down during the COVID period and his renewed enthusiasm for creating, travelling and approaching creating music with new found angst. What So Not was also recently announced as a finalist for the Environmental Music Prize, which sets out to 'green' the music industry by attracting new artists empower them to use their art to call upon fans to consider environmental issues. He has an epic tour schedule on the cards including the Ministry of Sound in London and his debut performance at Tomorrowland in Belgium on the Drum and Bass stage. Hopefully some of you will be able to catch him at one of these amazing events!

A huge thank you to Emoh Instead, the Sweat it Out team and Radio Metro for making this interview happen, it was a true privilege to chat to such an amazing artist and really lovely guy. Thanks also to Lock Sequence and Damo Cox for sending through your favourite What So Not tracks for the show too!

I'm currently stuck in Newcastle, UK due to unprecedented heat forcing the cancellation of train services. London bound tomorrow hopefully. I'm here on a musical / Prodigy pilgrimage (of course!). Don't worry though, I have been working tirelessly to make sure that I can still bring you EMA each week while I am away, so don't miss an episode now on at our BRAND NEW TIME of midnight (AEST) FRIDAY night on 105.7 Radio Metro. You can stream Radio Metro direct from the website or you can download their very easy to use app and listen from wherever you are in the world.

The recording of EMA episode 19 is up on on SoundCloud and YouTube (hopefully, as I've said in the past, I have some issues with copyright and YouTube).

Catch you on the flip side,

Ky Mi x

  1. What So Not - Jaguar (Original Mix)

  2. Skrillex, What So Not - Goh Feat. KLP (Original Mix)

  3. Dystopia - Twenty22

  4. DÉ SAINT - Girl DJ (Extended Mix)

  5. Dan Muz - Running

  6. What So Not - Mr Regular

  7. What So Not - Touched

  8. Bri & Si - Going To Goa

  9. Rollin and Runnin' - Richard Lawson

  10. Damo Cox - Wasting Time

  11. Ben Renna - Hearts On Fire (Extended Mix)


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