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Another Post About Ice Cream

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.49 aired 7 March 2023

Nah, just kidding. However, 'Ice Cream' was the first track in this week's episode of EMA. The debut track of Victorian artist Muscles (Chris Copulos), it was released in 2007, and played for six months on the radio as an unreleased single before Muscles was signed to Modular. This was in that great period for Aussie electronic music where the likes of The Presets and Cut Copy had come onto the scene. If you weren't belting out to the top of your lungs "I don't need a number, I just wanna dance with my shirt off!", have you even lived? In any case, for the uninitiated, here's your chance. 'Ice Cream' launched into the ARIA charts at number 14 and made it to number one in the Dance Album Chart in its first week. While I struggle to believe that 2007 was 16 years ago, I also wonder what ever became of Muscles...

No, I really don't know. If you do know, drop me a message.

Introducing Melbourne-based HITCH who's entrancing single 'Exposed' happens to be the second track of this week's show. Well, wow. We listen to a lot of really great tracks don't we? But this one really jumped out at me. Described as "manifesting the raw essence of future bass, experimental house and downtempo electronica" (whatever all that means), 'Exposed' is one of those great tracks that you can dance to, sing along with, and it evokes euphoric vibes from deep within. Since your vocal chords will be all warmed up after 'Ice Cream', you'll be well placed to sing along with 'Exposed'.

I did not intend to do a play-by-play in order of tracks this week, but here we are with the third track in this week's show. It's from tropical house producer Ellatronix. Hailing from Sydney, her track 'Ocean Friends' makes me feel like Ariel, swimming around the colourful reef with that crab fella (you know, the 'undadasea' guy?), in a shell bikini, waving to cute sleepy oysters. Hold on, that's Alice in Wonderland. Either way, think fun, tropical and positive vibes.

Listen to EMA episode 49 here, on Rumble and YouTube

Jumping to the end of the show now, something a little bit different, a band! And I'm very excited for the discovery of Sydney's Midnight Tea Party, although they have been making music for 10 years! The band combines dubstep, jazz, and rock with the seductive sounds of the Balkans. This is off their album Electro Bazaar. Well worth checking out, I'm really hoping they come visit us in Queensland as I'm very keen to see them live.

Delightful sunset over Bilinudgel

Speaking of gigs, the weekend saw us back down at Bilinudgel Hotel for Cunning Stunts 'Nudge Nudge Wink Wink' event. The team at Cunning Stunts are really putting on a great party! With predominantly house and disco tunes spanning through the eras, the energy is infectious. This is a party where people actually smile at each other, and I love that. Money from each event also goes to a local charity.

Sunday saw us on the d floor again, this time closer to home at Mo's Desert Clubhouse for Top of the Morning's Sunday Soiree. The team put on another great afternoon of quality tech house and techno. I'm biased - the team includes my lovely cousin Emma who you should definitely follow. Their next event TOTM Presents Uknown Concept & Jedidiah is on June 2. Get amongst it!

Finally, last week I mentioned that I had been trying to get EMA onto some of the podcast platforms. I'll concede, I know literally nothing about all that. But we had one small win, with EMA now available on Apple Podcasts. I hope that makes it more accessible for those of you who prefer this platform, and thank you for your support!

EMA is back next Tuesday, 14 March 2023 on Radio Metro. Tune in from 11pm AEST via the Radio Metro website and app from wherever you are in the world.

Ice cream, is going to save the day - again!

Ky Mi x



  1. Muscles – Ice Cream

  2. Hitch – Exposed

  3. Ellatronix- Ocean Friends

  4. Tentendo – Money (Feat. Honey)

  5. My Friend The Forest – Late Night (Radio Mix)

  6. Eldeanyo - Badman (Tom Evans x Minx Remix)

  7. James Alexandr - Attention ft. PENELOPE (Extended Mix)

  8. Dystopia- On Repeat

  9. Owson - Shake It (Extended Mix)

  10. Whisper Machine – Sempre

  11. Motez – Be Prepared (Radio Edit)

  12. ShockOne – Say Woah


  14. Midnight Tea Party – Hatter’s Hideout


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