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Cool Weather, Hot Tunes

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.60 aired 30 May 2023

Alright, I'm going to put this out there in simple terms. I think people who like winter are weird. Sorry winter lovers, I just don't get it. It's cold, it's dark, and do I even need to mention the fashion challenges of layering? Before I slide into my tracky-dacks, put on my puffer jacket and make a hot choccy in preparation for a long hibernation, I should let you know that day-time temperatures in EMA's HQ of the Gold Coast in Queensland, are in the mid-20s (celcius, that is). Before you poke fun of my weakness, I will say that the nights do dip below 10 degrees. Besides, the whole point of this rant is that hibernation is simply not an option this year, as it seems like events are ramping up. I'll put my fleece trackpants away then, shall I?

Winter kicked off with at least two huge events, (that I attended anyway), TOTM Presents Unknown Concept & Jedidiah and the Fever Reunion party at the best club on the Gold Coast elsewhere. Ironically, I think I've been fighting off a fever...but the only mercury rising on the weekend was on the d floor with epic vibes at both events. I'm really on a role today aren't I - so sorry!

Great snaps from the Top of the Morning Presents Uknonwn Concept and Jedidiah and Fever Reunion 2023 from the team at edma_foto.

Let's talk about this episode of Electronic Music Australia! There's so much great music and it's definitely an auditory journey through various genres and moods.

Introducing HYPERCONFIDENCE, the brainchild of Sydney-based music producer Andrew Bull, who blends genres including electro, progressive house, tech house, downtempo, and even delves into experimental electronic territory. He collaborated with French vocalist Odile, who currently resides in Spain to release their captivating track, 'Salt Sprays Carelessly Drown in Dreams' on underground Ukrainian Dance label, Lincor. Admittedly, the dreamy, poetic title of the track was what initially drew me to HPERCONFIDENCE, but the song is equally dreamy and gorgeous. Check out the music video too.

Check out episode 60 of EMA on SoundCloud, Rumble and Apple Podcasts

A great heavy drum & bass addition to this episode came from South Australian artist Jane Doe. She's making a big impact in the heavy d&b scene since she started releasing tracks in 2021. She has a passion for modern neurofunk and combines elements of neurofunk, tearout dubstep and breakbeats with solid futuristic sound design in dynamic live DJ sets. Her track 'Cougar', released under Brisbane label Covet DNB features in this episdoe.

Kuzco, an Australian/Maori vocalist, keyboardist, and producer, calls Naarm (Melbourne) her creative home, although she originally hails from Meanjin (Brisbane). Known for her remarkable skills as a session keyboardist, Kuzco has earned a respected position within the Naarm and Meanjin music scenes and is now ready to showcase her own creations to the world with her debut EP, 'I Vibe, She Vibes.' The EP consists of four tracks, with 'Shake It,' featuring on the show.

On almost the other end of the spectrum, the dark trap/hip hop/pop sounds of 'Satan' from Brisbane's CTRL ZEN. The vocalist-producer duo started off as multi-instrumentalists and over time have evolved into their own unique electronic sounds.

Ensuring that we traverse a wide range of genres this episode, we closed off with Scott Stevenson's ambient masterpiece, 'Damning' . This one will be released on June 20 via Shsoo Records, so you'll have to enjoy it in this episode of EMA until then. Be sure to follow Scott Stevenson so that you don't miss the release!

I hope you love this episdoe of EMA! Coming soon - the next album listening party - Tom Baker's 'Ruled By The Machines' and the June guest mix, I can reveal is from talented Melbourne producer Charles Oliver!

EMA airs everyTuesday on Radio Metro from 11pm till midnight AEST. You can listen from anywhere in the world via the Radio Metro website.

Keep dancing and stay warm,

Ky Mi x



1. Love Her – Raw Ordio

2. Zoura DS – Rock It (Original Mix)

3. Death Ray Shake – Let Me Tell You Something (Radio Edit)

4. Tom Budin & Needs No Sleep – She Wanna Dance (Radio Edit)

5. Rufus Du Sol – Alive (Halceon Daze Remix)

6. Interupt – Feed Your Soul (Radio Edit)

7. Jane Doe - Cougar

8. Ctrl Zen – Satan

9. Kuzco – Shake It

10. Hyperconfidence – Salt Sprays Carelessly Drown in Dreams (Original Mix)

11. Stace Cadet – Alright Ok (Club Dub)

12. Katie Underwood –Beautiful (James Beetham Remix)

13. Scott Stevenson - Damning


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