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Dancing fish and a taste of Psy

Updated: May 30, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.2 aired 14 March 2022

What happens when you play music to fish? Okay, they don’t dance, I lied. But it would be cool if they did. Their brains do respond to the different sounds though, so choose your tunes wisely next time you’re hanging out with your goldfish at home.

What has this got to do with this week’s episode of Electronic Music Australia, you ask? Well this study on fish hearing and neural coding was authored by the Producer of the throwback track from this week’s episode – BeXta (Rebecca Poulsen). What I can’t believe is that ‘Decoda’ was released in 1999 on BeXta’s Live ‘Skirmish’ EP. I still have the CD, apparently purchased 23 years ago!

It's hard to beat dancing fish, but some more top moments in this week’s episode include Northern Rivers local Sharmonic’s esoteric mix of ‘Potions’. I’m keen to include plenty of Psy on the show and Sharmonic is a brilliant DJ, Producer and photographer so I hope you enjoy his track as much as I do.

If you’re more into the house/tech house groove, ‘Spoil Me’ from Damo Cox has been an absolute favourite of mine since it came out last year on Club Cactus Vol. 1 and will be released later this month on the ‘LIKE A FREAK’ EP under independent label Sorta Kinda Music. Just between you and I, I think this EP is going to be MASSIVE.

Lowdown’s ‘Dance All Night’ currently sits at a very respectable #18 on the Aria Club Charts having peaked at 14 last week, and it’s easy to hear why, it’s irresistibly groovy and let’s face it – who doesn’t want to dance all night? Even fish do.

Taking things in another direction again, identical twins Harry Nathan & BOONIE’s ‘Porsche Limousine’ is a little bit disco, a little bit house but you know what else, these guys are the brilliance behind the Doof Shed, the worlds smallest mobile nightclub, and I’m all about that.

Finally, I wrapped up the hour with Brisbane’s Subset and his No Constraints Dub remix or AM TAPE’s Arbitrary Constrains, this track seems like the perfect way to wind down after an energized start to the mix!

This episode was so much fun to make – I hope you enjoy listening to it! What Aussie track would you like me to play next? I will feature it in my ‘Listeners pick’ segment! Get in touch with me via socials or message me here.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, March 21 at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 2 on Mixcloud and YouTube or check out the Spotify playlist below.

Ky Mi x

  1. Bexta - Decoda

  2. Mha Iri – Burn Steadily

  3. Sharmonic – Potions (esoteric mix)

  4. Damo Cox – Spoil Me

  5. Lowdown – Dance all Night

  6. Rubber People & Scotty Ransome – All Night

  7. Anne Luno, Touch Sensitive – Real Talk

  8. Harry Nathan – Porche Limousine

  9. The Journey & Rachel May feat Alverie TAYA remix - Hollow

  10. Morgan Wright feat. 3NDLES5 - I think of you

  11. Arbitrary Contrains (Subset’s No Constraints Dub remix) - AM TAPE, Subset


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